No MPs Recipes: Triple Berry Vanilla Milkshake (No Microplastics Diet)

I was craving a milkshake. The vanilla and a bag of triple berries were in stock. A new No MPs Recipe was a foregone conclusion.

For the backstory on No MPs Recipes and a more detailed explanation of MPs (microplastics) found in our oceans and most of our salt in the form of microscopic bits of pigments, foam, fiber, and fragments small enough to penetrate your internal organs, causing all sorts of problems, see Berrymato Power Shot Smoothie.

My self imposed from-scratch-only diet has been going well (with one exception which I will detail in another post as a warning against wheat). Numerous improvements in my bodily health have been obvious, recipes are coming along through the inevitable process of experimentation, and I have no complaints despite losing the lazy enjoyment of sitting down in a restaurant and letting others do all the work.

But tonight I needed comfort food. Everything I’d produced in our kitchen to date had been designed to power the body, and that was good. Still, what about dessert? I love dried apricots but even for them there’s a limit. Plus, my stomach wasn’t perfectly settled after my evening meal. A milkshake recipe, presuming it worked out, might just fill the bill on both accounts. If it could ease the craving and my innards at the same time, that would be a real winner.

Enter the triple berry vanilla milkshake. It was a total success, required only four ingredients and three minutes to make, and left me eager to publish it as the fourth No MPs recipe listed in this site’s Cookbook Index.

The recipe:


+ 2 cups whole milk
+ 2 cups frozen triple berry mix
+ 1 heaping tbsp. Turbinado sugar
+ 1 splash vanilla extract, approx. 1/2 tsp. or to taste

Note: We get our triple mix from Safeway, containing raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries.

Place berries, milk, sugar, and vanilla extract in blender. Blend on High until the mix looks well scrambled and fluffy on top (approx. 1 minute at most).

Makes enough to fill two 16 oz. plastic cups, thick enough to eat with a spoon at first. After a few minutes the milkshake settles down enough to drink from the cup, though probably never through a straw. The temperature and texture are just right, it has a milkshake taste, and it did settle my stomach as well as my craving.


This simple recipe worked so well that I can’t wait to try it with frozen strawberries instead of the triple berry mix.