EMF Radiation and the Power of the Human Aura

My friend Manny mentioned that a strong aura was the best defense against EMF radiation. Being human, I had to check that out. After all, I keep my handy new EMF meter within reach and it’s always raring to go. The meter is a Trifield EMF meter model TF2 and I’m purely in love with it. It may just be saving my life.

Or at least keeping me from getting as sick as I have been, especially during the past several winters (although I’m back on my game now). There’s a growing suspicion within me that my foolishness allowed EMFs to cause, or at least contribute to, the massively swollen lymph glands (nodes) I’ve struggled to figure out for the past six years. Will those drain and flatten out nicely now? I have no idea. It could take months or even years. It could never happen. Numerous studies have been done that show sickness from sensitivity to EMF radiation doesn’t just lock up and go home when the excess is removed from one’s environment. The damage continues for a while. I used to describe myself as “half blue-eyed compassion and the other half twisted steel.”

Now I’m thinking my decade-long exposure to huge EMF fields–magnetic, electrical, and RF (microwave)–could have me wandering the world with twisted DNA. You never know.

Before we get to the “aura tests,” here’s a list of what’s changed at my house in the past few days:


1. Computer router. I sat within two feet of this beast for many hours per day…for almost ten years. The meter showed a strong magnetic field hitting my body. Moving the router just two more feet away (which was all the room the office had unless I wanted to get crazy) was enough to drop the reading from 2+ to 0.1, an improvement of 95%. But it turned out the huge RF emanations were not tamed so easily. I was still getting hit with a bunch (never less than a reading of 5, usually much more–those RF waves jump around all the time).

Never fear. An awesome book by Nicholas Pineault titled THE NON-TINFOIL GUIDE TO EMFs provided the answer. All I needed to do was turn off the WiFi in the router. This presented no problem as my desktop computer is hardwired through an Ethernet connection, not wireless. A quick Google search told me how to do that for the Hughes (satellite internet) router. Half a dozen clicks, reboot, check the meter, and…yowzah! Zeroed those RF waves right out of there. 0.000 reading on the meter.

A one minute, no cost fix I’d ignored through, yeah, ignorance for all those years. I didn’t know whether to feel happy or stupid. Settled on happy.


2. Microwave oven. The leakage was so severe that when the meter was held within a foot of the oven front, it pegged the meter. In other words, the number of RF waves exceeded the measuring capacity of the meter. I unplugged the microwave oven–which was wearing out anyway, but the new ones leak, too–and threw it away. It’s in the discard pile in the garage, waiting for the next landfill run.

How many times have you sat there and watched the microwave, anxious for the tea or coffee to warm back up? Maybe none. Maybe I’m the only idiot who’s done that.


3. Cell phone. Even a very short call on a cell phone–six seconds or less–fries your brain. Remember those “This is your brain on drugs?” ads, back in the day? Turns out (again, studies demonstrated this) that cell phone RF waves, if nothing else, do one extremely horrible thing. On the side you’re using to listen, the waves open the Blood-Brain Barrier, allowing toxins to saunter right on in there. When my little old flip phone was checked, there was one huge piece of good news: When the phone was turned on but inactive, RF waves were zeroed out. Zip. Nada. Surprisingly, it’s safe to carry in the hip holster I’ve been using for years.

But when the phone is active during a call, that’s another matter entirely. Once again, just like with the microwave oven, that little device pegged the meter. This is particularly worrisome because I call my wife every morning and we talk for at least half an hour on average. That’s a lot of brain-blasting. Getting rid of the phone entirely is not an option. So, what to do?

Well, it turns out the old hardwired landlines don’t have that problem. They don’t use RF waves at all. Which meant I needed to get a hardline…but wait. This old man is so out of touch, he never realized you can’t get just a phone line any more. That’s ancient history. The only way to have a landline is through the cable as part of a package with either television or internet access. In some cases, you have to pay more to get just the phone service, but they still run the internet (or TV) cable and just don’t hook up that part. It’s a rotten, lowdown scam is what it is. Buy less, pay more.


I called DISH TV. Yeah, they do have phone service, too…but it’s only available in certain areas. Deer Lodge, Montana, is not one of those areas.

Only one stone left to turn: Hughes satellite internet. Hughes does not advertise phone service anywhere. Not even on their website. But I had to call. Leave no stone unturned.

Yippee! They’re sending me a “phone box.” All I have to do is read the instructions, assemble something or other, plug it into one of the Ethernet jacks on the router/modem I already have, and then call them back. They will then “activate the phone service” and give me a new number for my landline. I’ve already ordered a retro phone from Amazon. It has a loud ringer, no way to adjust the volume, no answering machine or voice mail, no caller ID. Just calls in, calls out on my new landline. Perfect.

If I get a call on my cell while I’m home, I’ll (whenever possible) call them back on the landline. Almost like old times.



4. Electrical fields. The whole house is swimming in electricity. They only way I could zero out all of the V/m (volts per meter) readings would be to throw all the breakers in the breaker box and return to the Stone Age. Here are a few readings:

NOTE: After each of these readings, I placed one edge of my palm on the device being read and pointed the meter sensors at my cupped palm, thus producing a–heh! heh!– palm reader.

Go ahead and groan. I can’t hear you.


A. Computer table top. Ranges from 0 V/m to 60 V/m. With the router and computer running, it’s at the high end. The only to way zero it out is to pull the plug from the wall when I’m not using the computer.

PALM READING: 0.000 V/m.


B. Bed. 5 V/m. My bed’s head touches a wall that has wiring in it–and current running through it, creating the electrical field.

PALM READING: 0.000 V/m.


C. Refrigerator. 245-302 V/m.

PALM READING: 0.000 V/m.


What does this tell us? “Not a thing,” any scientist would say, a sneer on his science-minded face. However, I’m no scientist. I’m an intuitist. Like that word? What I mean is that I tend to believe in common sense. If it looks like a duck….

Obviously, my aura as it exists today is capable of canceling out some pretty impressive electrical fields. When I’m in good health, I can probably sleep comfortably in a relatively high voltage environment and get away with it.

But can I do the same thing when I’m sick as a dog or simply worn to a frazzle? My guess would be no, at least not to the same extent.

Beyond that are other concerns. I also tested (using the meter) to see if that trusty aura could do anything about magnetic fields. It could not. Magnetism simply ignored the presence of my cupped palm altogether. Considering the study that showed cell phone RF radiation opening the Blood-Brain Barrier almost instantly, it seems likely a human aura can’t do much about RF waves, either, though I haven’t tested those yet. I will later, when I have the landline and can place a call to myself. It gets a little ridiculous, calling up one’s sister and asking her to stay on the line while readings are taken.

Finally, the thought occurs: Yes, the healthy aura can repel unwanted electricity, but is there effort involved in doing that? Could the effort of constantly repelling unwanted electrical boarders lessen the aura’s ability to deal with other threats? Because there are other threats out there, you know.

If that’s not enough to keep you up nights, consider this: Google and a few other companies are developing a project that will someday blanket the entire planet with RF waves. Deliberately. That’s the scariest EMF-related thing I’ve come across yet. Power line electricity waves are long and slow, just up the frequency scale from static electricity. The aura can stop those, at least to some degree. Radio waves (RF) or microwaves are higher on the scale and work at a higher (think faster) frequency than electrical fields, which may be why the aura cannot stop those. Nuclear bomb radiation (gamma rays and others) is much, much faster yet (way high frequency) and we know how deadly that can be.

Speed kills and Google has a need for speed. You live deep in an equatorial jungle in Africa? Never heard of Google, cell phones, or white men? No matter. Google’s going to make you sicker quicker and they’re proud of it. They’ll make the whole planet sick, including themselves.

But they’ll probably blame Trump.