Introducing Arizona CD2 Congressional Candidate Chuck Wooten

Whaddya mean, Ghost? Introducing the CD2 candidate? You’ve been writing pro-Chuck Wooten articles for months now, haven’t you?

Yes. Yes I have. And I owe our readers an apology. There have been posts that discussed Command Chief Master Sergeant Wooten’s outstanding qualifications for office, posts that detailed the impressive work he’s doing to help keep the essential A-10 Warthog from being mothballed by the Air Force, even posts that admired his ability to maintain his composure when he had to abandon his notes and think on his feet at the podium–but not once had I gotten around to saying, “Hey, meet Chuck Wooten the man, the human being.”

Well, we’re going to rectify that here and now with a simple four minute video. Yesterday, I sat down with Chuck to record a series of exclusive mini-interviews, YouTube sized clips the viewer could watch quickly and easily. I’d prepared a number of questions I wanted to ask the candidate…but still had not thought to include a basic Introduction to Chuck Wooten. Fortunately, one of his campaign staff members did think of it.

So far, I’ve interacted with the CD2 candidate in five separate venues, to wit:

    1. Palominas Tea Party meeting, where I first heard Chuck speak. I underestimated him, he blew me away, and I was on board for the duration.

    2. Benson Tea Party meeting, where Chuck Wooten shone, Shelley Kais came off as a “talking points politician” doing her thing by rote, and Martha McSally didn’t show at all.

    Note: McSally never does show. She turns down all invitations to speak, apparently (and arrogantly) relying on massive fund raising and support from the mainstream GOP to carry her to the GOP nomination while ignoring We the People entirely for the duration. But this post is about introducing Chuck Wooten, so let’s get back to that.

    3. Pima County Fair campaign booth. That was pretty cool, watching Chuck interact with fairgoers who stopped by the booth. Whenever anyone is speaking to Chuck, you can see his (Wooten’s) total concentration on the speaker and what the speaker is saying. He pays attention. He actually listens.

    4. A-10 Town Hall held at the Wilmot Branch Library. At that event, Chuck Wooten and A-10 legend Lt. Colonel Tom Norris co-hosted. The two men worked together smoothly, listening to comments and fielding questions from the audience. It became obvious Chuck really does know how to work with others in a total team effort, a talent that seems to be rather lacking in Congress as we know it today.

    5. Exclusive interview series filmed in Tucson, which was impressive in its own way. Counting me, we had four different men working together to get the video recording done, yet Wooten’s ability to produce was again obvious. He speaks from the heart; he means what he says.

In each and every case, Chuck has shown himself to be not only an ultra-qualified candidate but also a remarkable individual. I can say with absolute certainty that all he needs to be elected is public exposure; the more one gets to know about this man, the better he looks.

That said, how about letting him tell us in his own words why he’s running for office?

And finally (for this post), what does the candidate see as his qualifications for the office of United States Representative?

There’s a twist at the end of this one you won’t want to miss!

2 thoughts on “Introducing Arizona CD2 Congressional Candidate Chuck Wooten

  1. Good questions. It might be interesting to ask him some more questions about his beliefs and governing strategies in short form videos. Easier to catch one short clip than to watch him make a campaign speech/

  2. Absolutely, Becky. I do agree that watching a short clip beats listening to a campaign speech, big time–it’s why we did these interviews. Also, we do have five more clips in the can, waiting their turn. I’ll be getting them out there–on YouTube and also embedded in posts–as time permits over the next few weeks. The topics include:

    1. Obamacare (Chuck is essentially for complete repeal of Obamacare and going to free market solutions–as opposed to government driven solutions–to produce a truly functional health care system. I’ll be expanding some in my text on what that means in practice and why it makes total sense.)

    2. National Defense Issues.

    3. Job creation.

    4. Border and immigration issues, which are NOT the same issue.

    5. His appeal, despite being a conservative, to mainstream voters.

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