A Seagoing Clam

Copyright 2016 by Fred Baker

I love you, Mahanta, with all that I am
Even though I resemble a seagoing clam
I crack open my shell and the current flows through
Then I clam right back up in my relation with you

There’s is nothing wrong with my crusty old shell
There are predators out there; it protects me quite well
But to know the Eck current, the Sound and the Light
I need to be open by day and by night

Karma is essential in this tricky world
The clam’s irritation produces the pearl
Yet the Ocean of Love and the Song of the Hu
Need the clamshell wide open to flow gently through

I like to believe I have fins like a fish
That I swim through the ocean and go where I wish
But I’m really a clam at the whim of the tide
High and dry or in deep water, it’s a mighty fine ride

If the ebb of the tide leaves me high on the sand
I bury myself and simply hope that I can
Once again feel the love of the great rolling sea
But I’ll make a fine clam chowder if that’s what’s to be

What happens to my body is really no big thing
It might provide supper or a necklace or ring
Yet I know as Soul the much greater truth
The love of the Mahanta as the Eck flows on through

I love you, Mahanta, with all that I am
Even though I resemble a seagoing clam


For our readers who may not recognize terms like Mahanta, Eck, or Hu, the definitions can found in A Glossary of Eck Terms at Eckankar.org.

8 thoughts on “A Seagoing Clam

  1. Very cute. I was going to say more, but I think I better clam up! LOL
    the funny thing is that my brother was telling me about a meal of three dozen oysters he had on Tuesday. 😉

  2. Ha! I’ve tried oysters, but just enough to know I’d not care to see them as a staple in my diet. Pam did once eat 32 shrimp at a Red Lobster in Rapid City, South Dakota, but that’s not quite three dozen, and I doubt she could down that many today, either.

  3. Ghost, this is amazing! I don’t think I’ve read any of your poetry until now. I love the symbolism and how in tune you are with yourself and your Spirit.

  4. Thanks, Sha. This was actually written as a song, melody and lyrics coming through simultaneously. I have an appointment at a local music studio to cut a vocals track on Saturday. Not guitar, as my country picking is simply not suitable for this one. Eventually, there will be instrumentals and also Manny’s vocal additions on the demo CD, which will be submitted to Eckankar for the World Wide Seminar in October (in Chanhassen, MN). They get a lot of songs submitted, so there’s no guarantee of acceptance, but here’s hoping! 😀

  5. That’s awesome, Ghost. Good vibes coming your way from sunny Florida. I had no idea Manny sings. I’d love to hear the finished piece. Please keep us posted.

  6. I’m looking forward to hearing the finished piece, too. If the demo passes muster and the song gets accepted for performance at the World Wide Seminar, it’s possible it might also be included in an Eck music album. Aside from that, I should be able to have a few extra copies of the completed demo burned (a month or so from now).

    Cool happening this evening: I needed to write down the chords along with the lyrics so that other musicians can follow along easily as they’re adding other tracks after I get the vocals done. For the first time in a long time, I got out my vintage Seigo quartz tuner and made sure my Ibanez Artist was set at concert pitch. Turned out my “tuning by ear” had it a notch too high–off key in other words–and when it was corrected, voila! Nothing wrong with my picking after all! So I’ll be laying down a guitar track, too, and performing with Ibanez in hand. Yay!

  7. Good to know Ghost! 🙂 Had my own experience this week with Bill Mann’s “Attitude of Gratitude” song, and I can’t wait to hear/see where the Seagoing Clam will take me… 🙂
    The common translation of clam into Spanish says “almeja”, but the island where my family is from calls the long dark shelled shellfish “almejas”, not the lovely roundish shelled clams… 🙂 Those are not native to the island, except as very small clams that go into soups (and tend to bring LOTS of sand along). We call those “mejillones”.
    Remember cooking a soup with those once… It was not very good, but it was spiced by hunger! LOL

  8. No question about it, Manny; hunger is the ultimate spice.

    I realized when I was writing down chords to the lyrics that I’d “automatically” changed one line’s wording just slightly. Instead of “There’s not one thing wrong with my crusty old shell,” I’m singing it as, “There is nothing wrong….”

    Got the vocal track laid down yesterday, and also a guitar track. Turned out my picking was okay once the instrument was actually in tune! Mike will be adding an instrumental track or two shortly, possibly keyboarding some and maybe also bringing in a friend. Should have the CD ready to head to New York in a couple of weeks.

    On the way home from Mike’s studio, I stopped by the Morningstar Café to pick up a couple of pieces of banana cream pie to go. Brenda (of Morningstar) is also a musician. No other customers in the café at the moment, so we got to talking a bit. She hadn’t known I did any music at all. Asked her if she wanted to hear A Seagoing Clam. She did. My a cappella rendition came out MUCH better than what I did in the studio (long story). “That’s definitely a waltz!” She announced, swaying in time to the tune. Their back dining room has REALLY good acoustics; she and her people rehearse there.

    Still, although I was not particularly satisfied with my vocal tone in the studio, my guitar was tuned right, timing and pitch were right. Should be workable for a demo, especially since in the end (the way I see the arrangement), I’ll only be singing solo on 2 of the 6 verses, you’ll be singing 2, and we’ll be together on 2. And on stage, I can guarantee THAT’S where I really shine. Love a live audience.

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