THROAT CHAKRA, by Gordon Malchek: Episode 1, The Sore Throat

I had no idea my sore throat was caused by my wife. She’s my ex-wife now, and the throat chakra is in balance and I feel fine. For nearly half of our often painful marriage, that recurring sore throat bugged the Charles Dickens out of me. I couldn’t figure it out until one day I did. Now I have to thank Ghost for letting me tell my story.

Editor’s note: Gordon and I met years ago and have been friends ever since. His tale is true, though names have been changed to protect him from lawsuits and such. It is my pleasure to introduce him to our readers as the first other-than-me writer to be published on this website. I only know part of his story–he hasn’t written all of it yet, nor have we spent enough hours together to cover more than the basics–but I believe it’s a tale worth telling. Enjoy.

The Eureka moment came when I was reading Energy Medicine by Donna Eden, not long after Karen and I separated. My throat was sore again and had been so for more than a month this time. Antibiotics didn’t seem to help. Chloraseptic numbed the tissue effectively for brief periods of time but tasted so horrible I resisted using it. I was pretty miserable. The passage in the book that got my attention talked about the throat chakra as possibly the most important energy center in the entire body as it collected and redistributed energies from just about everywhere else. The left side was catabolic or incoming, what you use when you’re listening to people. The right side was anabolic or outgoing, what you use when you’re expressing yourself. An imbalance between the two would result in sickness.

It hit me like catching a Nolan Ryan fastball between the eyes. I’d had plenty of sore throats that covered both sides but the great majority had hurt a whole lot more on the right side than on the left. The one I had right then was a rightie all the way. Drove me absolutely nuts. I was cranky and wanted nothing more than to crawl in a hole and die. Wussy of me for sure, but that sort of thing wears you down after a while. Now I knew my problem. I’m a talker at heart but had not been talking around Karen much for years or maybe even decades. People, I was blocked like a road full of snow up to the hood of a car. My outgoing energy just wasn’t outgoing at all.

This is pretty funny, not ha-ha funny but weird, if you think about it. I’m a motivational speaker by trade. I’ve taught thousands of people how to overcome their fear of public speaking. It’s easier to see the other guy’s problem for sure. The log in my own eye or in this case my throat had gone unidentified for far too long.

What to do about it? Hoo boy! The obvious thing would be to call Karen up and tell her. Just spill my guts. To my ex. I didn’t think I could do that. But I did need to call her on another matter, strictly business. Could I dare?

I thought not but like so many other things I was wrong. The throat chakra discovery was eating at me like Amazon River piranhas taking down a wounded capybara and it just slipped out.

“I figured out my throat problem.”

“It was me.”

“No!” My people pleasing protest was automatic knee jerk stuff. “It wasn’t you. It was my reaction to you.”

“Same thing, Buster.”

“I was reading in Donna Eden’s book, Energy Medicine….” It took a bit of sputtering and hemming and hawing before I got out the part about me shutting down my own output to make things easier for her or with her or whatever. “…It started really early, just a few weeks after we hooked up. You told me I talked too much, and I started shutting down bit by bit.”

“I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have said that!”

“No blame game! What’s done is done! The past is the past! It’s just a matter of going forward from here.” Sometimes when I listen to myself I have to shake my own head.

It shouldn’t have surprised me that she was ahead of me. She often was. She even approved of my idea to tell my girlfriend about it so that Sharla could understand me better and maybe not get off to the same bad start and also so that Sharla could think about her own situation. All three of us are people pleasers. How scary is that? “I’ll please you!” “No! I’ll please you! I insist!” “You’re both wrong! I’ll please everybody!” All givee no takee maketh certain humans a messed up subset of the population. There are of course plenty of takers out there who would love to suck us all dry without a second thought, but that bunch of bloodsuckers is not the issue here today.

This Episode 1 is pretty brief but should serve as the introduction to the lengthy story line that follows. Stay tuned if you find this to your liking. I’m going to have to keep typing from my notes on a regular basis if I don’t want another sore throat to drop on by and believe me, I don’t.


5 thoughts on “THROAT CHAKRA, by Gordon Malchek: Episode 1, The Sore Throat

  1. Nice start to the story, Gordon! Now lyou have me thinking on what a motivational speaker with a throat chakra issue might have as a story! LOL
    Thanks, Ghost, for following your heart!

  2. Hi, Manny. Yes, deep thanks to Ghost for opening his website to my scribbling. I struggled for years with this issue before finally figuring out the real source of the problem and now only hope I can tell the story well enough to keep from being boring. There is also a fear of writing involved which is amusing for someone like me who got over his public speaking stage fright long ago. I keep scratching out entire paragraphs and starting over.

  3. Manny: You’re more than welcome. I’m pretty sure I’m going to enjoy Gordon’s tale as much as any other reader. 😀
    Gordon: You may be “scratching out entire paragraphs and starting over,” but you’ve already gotten the second episode to me for posting. Your “slow” gear is still mighty quick, at least so far. 🙂

  4. Gordon, I enjoyed this humorous look at a serious issue. I can see why Ghost allowed you some room on his website. You certainly have a way with words! Shame on Karen for telling you you talk too much.

    I look forward to more.

  5. Hi Shauna. You’re in luck as Episodes 2 and 3 are already on the site and ready for reading! They don’t always come out overly humorous and I get writer’s block a lot as part of my set of excuses but there is a good deal more to come sooner or later. I’m very pleased to have your approval. 🙂

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