855-204-9431 Scam Robocall Phone Harrassment

A scary scam robocall at that, if one were vulnerable to such things. The 855-204-9431 number was unfamiliar. The phone harassment tone and content of the deep, ultra-serious male voice intrigued me; I listened to the pitch from beginning to end before I started laughing.

Not that it was really all that funny. The message was clearly designed to be intimidating, especially to folks uncomfortable with the idea of dealing with the law, lawsuits, process servers, and other such goodies. Here is the message, as exact as memory will allow.

“This is Daniel Jones. My firm has received a complaint and will be serving papers at your home or place of business. Please call 855-204-9431 immediately.”

Or words to that effect. I might not have that last name precisely correct, but it was definitely J-something. The man’s tone was almost a “Daddy voice,” designed to force compliance from the fearful in a knee jerk reaction before the victim could step back and think things through rationally. It seems likely this heavy handed approach does work on the meek who shall inherit the Earth, but who may well be taken for everything they own in the meantime.

Analysis of the call revealed a number of things under a harsh, glaring spotlight, to wit:

Strike one: The robocall did not identify me. He could have been talking to the Shah of Iran for all he knew. (Not that robocalls “know” anything.)

Strike two: Ol’ Daniel did not identify “his firm” at all, which any legitimate attorney would do. Since he was so “up front” about serving papers, he would likely have identified “his firm” even if he was a process server.

Strike three: The call’s reference to having “received a complaint” would imply that the listener was running a business, or was at least in some form of frequent contact with the public…which I am not, unless you count the wait staff at my favorite restaurant or the checkout clerks at Walmart.

Strike three and you’re out…but there’s more.

Strike four: Searching Google for “855 scam numbers” turns up several websites dealing with scammers. Not 855-204-9431 specifically (at least that I could find today, February 8, 2017), but several other 855-204- numbers. The messages vary, but they have one thing in common: None of them make sense. One site runs a thread where recipients of these calls report hearing that the scammer was “trying to fax some documents,” for instance.

And one company employee, after receiving nine of these calls, called the number and told whoever answered to knock it off or they would be turned in to the authorities–after which a woman called him back and (his words), “…literally chewed me a new one.”

I’m sure he didn’t literally mean literally. That would be gross. But you get the point.

Having done my due diligence aka FSR (Four Strike Research), I called my wife–who is spending time with her daughter in another state at the moment–to let her know about the call. Didn’t want her getting caught off guard. Not that she would have; her understanding of and resistance to scammers is pretty strong.

Now, if the scammers behind this 855-204-9431 number would like to call, or perhaps leave blistering comments on this page, or take any other form of action designed to intimidate and destroy…yeah, good luck with that. I live for this sort of thing. We’re talking about a fellow (me) who, backing up a neighbor some years ago, went to court and got a rich kid reckless driver convicted…without using an attorney. I’ve also been sued for big bucks and stuffed the suit right back in the ambulance chaser’s face. I love the courtroom. There’s no way to apply pressure to try to get my website shut down because I own the site. Ugly comments are as easy to handle as hitting the Delete button. Even physical threats merely ramp up my interest, pop a little adrenaline, and get me ready to rock and roll.

So have fun, y’all.

As for our non-hostile readers (hopefully the majority), please feel free to comment all you like. Beyond that, if you happen to have received one of these 855-204- calls, either from 855-204-9431 or from another 855-204- number, we’d love to hear about it.

In closing, let’s start a brand new 855-204- listing for numbers known through personal experience to us and/or our readers as a scammer’s hangout, starting with:

855-204-9431……”Threatening” call received by Ghost on 02/08/2017.
855-205-2532……”Threatening” call received by Ghost on 02/13/2017.

UPDATE: February 13, 2017.

As you can see from the second number posted above, the plot continues to thicken. Got a call from 855-205-2532 at 11:36 a.m. on February 13 from โ€œPeter Murdock.โ€ Same scam message, same male voice cutting the recorded message. Will post this same update in the main body of the text (above) and add that number to the list. It looks like the scammers have “worn out their welcome” with the 204 prefix and are now working through the 205 prefix numbers.

33 thoughts on “855-204-9431 Scam Robocall Phone Harrassment

  1. Received a threatening call from 855-204-9431..didn’t answer. Did sound like a robo voice. Left message to return call if you didn’t want the law involved.

  2. Baltimore resident: Thanks; it’s looking like this one (number) is really active, hitting phones across the country.
    Chrissy: There you go. I’m pretty sure the LAST thing they want is to have the law involved, but they don’t want us to know that. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I just received this call today and did not answer, but he left the exact message you just said.
    Thank you for posting

  4. Got a call right now and thought I’d call back for fun. Someone rude answered and said I’d get a summons tomorrow and have to appear in court on Thursday for tax evasion from non payment for a payday loan from back in 2012. Told her I can’t wait to get the paperwork.

  5. I like you love these calls but I do feel bad for those that are suckered into making payments or commitments that they should not do because they do not like conflict or they are elderly and afraid. Unfortunately many of these calls are born from people that took out online payday loans. The loan company sells your information and then scammers try to get you to repay loans that you have already paid back or that you might have only applied for but not actually taken.

  6. Anonymous (#1): Good (in a way) to hear that. Confirms that I’m not the only one, at least in the “misery loves company” category.
    Anonymous (#2): I have to admit that’s a bit puzzling–a longer sting, perhaps, trying to make you more nervous and more likely to make a mistake? Just adding rude threat to rude threat with no goal yet in sight makes no sense on the surface; they have to be playing a deeper game. Love the way you said, “I can’t wait to get the paperwork.”
    Concerned in Georgia: It was a conscious decision, made decades ago, for me to “love” these calls. By nature, I’m not a big fan of confrontation either, but realized fairly early in life that I was going to have to get good at it or suffer “forever.” That said, I do also feel empathy for those who are sucked in by these sharks, which is the primary reason I occasionally write a post like this one. If even a few of the people who are worried or frightened Google this page, read it, and realize they’ve nothing REAL to fear from these criminals, and thus gain the confidence to avoid the real dangers of unnecessary payments, commitments, and/or identity theft, then I’ve done my job.

    Few such folks are likely to trot down to their local courthouse to ask a District Attorney what he thinks, but they might run a “scam robocall” search on the Internet.

  7. I just received a phone call from this number. My phone only rang twice then hung up, but then right after, I received a voice mail from “unknown” number. It was the same message from Daniel Jones. However, a robot female voice stated my name. I too Googled this phone number and there is no information regarding this phone number, not even the name of the company or business it is attached to. Highly doubt this is a legit company or complaint.

  8. My husband received a call from this number telling him they wanted to serve me with papers told him it was a scam when I called it was like a fax machine

  9. I just received a voicemail today from this number. Similar message but the scary part is that it mentioned my name. I called shortly after and a woman answered (“client services”). She mentioned detail about a payday loan from Riverside back in Sep 2010 and that I could rectify now and pay the balance of $300 with a credit card or decide to go to court and total would be around $800 with court fees, etc… I did take payday loan back then but looked at my statement and can’t find exact amount she was talking about and I understand all that was auto drafted from my bank account. Anyone having a similar issue? I don’t want to pay anything I shouldn’t be paying for or fall into a scam trap. Thanks.

  10. Anonymous and Cecilia: Thanks for commenting, and for clarifying that the name given was “Daniel Jones.” I’ll correct that right away. Figures, doesn’t it? The only more “generic” name he could have used would be Smith.
    Jose: This is definitely a scam trap. Regarding your specific situation, I can assure you that (in my experience at least):

    1. If you had been behind on a payday loan, you would have heard from a collections company a lot sooner than seven years after the default.

    2. The woman who said you could pay now or “go to court” has got to be bluffing…because even if this were a real deal, you could still get the papers and THEN pay up to avoid going to court. And I would NEVER disclose my credit card number to some stranger threatening me over the phone; I’d WANT to see “the papers” and go from there. But likewise, I would NOT give them my mailing address, either. It’s hard to say at this point whether they’re scamming for money, phishing for identity theft info, or both. Probably both, which supplying your credit card data would have given them. If they’re as know all, see all as they imply they are, they’ll already have the mailing address, too–but helping them out even more is not an option.

    3. Your name being mentioned was likely picked up from a mailing list the payday company sold; as an earlier commenter pointed out, they do that sort of thing (all the time).

    4. It would be EXTREMELY surprising if the original loan was not paid in full and on time. With auto drafting from your bank account, that’s just the way it goes.

    If you’re (understandably) worried, though, you should be able to call the payday loan company and ask THEM if they show anything in arrears on your account. Unless they’ve gone out of business since, which is always possible.

    Not giving legal advice here, just sharing some thoughts as to how I’d handle it if it were me and I wasn’t completely sure one way or the other.

  11. I haven’t gotten one of this type recently, but have in the past. I had one woman threatening me that if I did not pay $4,500 in the next three days, I would be taken to court. I did not have that much money at the time. but would not have paid it anyway. And no one gets my card number, unless I initiate the call to a number I have verified as being the correct one.

  12. There you go, Becky. I’ve lived without any phone at all in the past, several times–grew up without one, for starters–and in many ways prefer it that way. But it’s impossible to function on the Internet without one, I will admit the convenience of being able to make outgoing calls can be helpful, and my wife wouldn’t much appreciate being cut off from at-her-fingertips communication when she’s at her daughter’s place some 970 miles from here, eh?

    I also missed my Dad’s funeral at a time when I had no phone, and my sisters could have used my support, so I’m “stuck” with a phone for the moment, just like y’all….:)

  13. Just got a voice mail today form this number. Exactly the same as the one above. I disregard….

  14. Highyella72 and Robin: Thanks for commenting. Busy little robo-beastie, isn’t he?

    Note: The comments by readers indicate the much higher number of hits on this page, which started happening the MINUTE it was published. As of 9:00 p.m., eleven hours after publication, there were 206 hits (and a lot more views, indicating readers who checked the page out more than once).

  15. I received this call from Thomas Standridge this morning. I also had a string of similar calls last summer from someone asking for me by my divorced name (been divorced for seven years). The little bit of research I was able to do indicated they were calling about a payday loan, which my ex and I did have. First of all, I know we paid it. Secondly, a payday loan company isn’t going to let you NOT pay it all off, particularly when you’re on auto draft. I made a complaint to the AG of Texas, and the calls stopped. I’m wondering why they started again.

  16. Cindy, my best guess is that the Texas AG office might have been able to locate and shut down the “similar calls last summer,” but that the same perpetrators (scammers) simply fire up a new number–maybe from a different physical location if the law was breathing down their necks at the old one–use a different alias, and recycle the calls (in addition to calling new lists of possible victims).

    I agree: No payday loan company is going to let any loan slide at all, especially on auto draft.

  17. Greetings Ghost32! Thanks so much for your comments. They are very helpful and they confirm my suspicions. Thank you!

  18. You’re very welcome, Jose. Glad I could help. Knowing I’ve been of some assistance is a good bit of what keeps me writing, at least for this sort of post.

  19. Got a call from 855-205-2532 at 11:36 a.m. on February 13 from “Peter Murdock.” Same scam message, same male voice cutting the recorded message. Will post this same update in the main body of the text (above) and add that number to the list.

  20. Ghost32 I just want to thank you for taking the time to post this, and then follow up with comments. I am a little behind the curve on this because we don’t answer our home phone, but then once a month when I pay the phone and internet bill I go through on line and clear out the voice mails.

    We got the same calls from the exact same numbers you stated, and on the exact dates. Interesting thing is the name they’re calling for is my 16 year old daughter. She just got her first job a couple of weeks ago. I highly doubt she’d have a 7-year old payday loan on her record, were I to call them back. Do they even extend credit to 9-yr-olds? I’m kidding of course….

    If I had the time I’d very much enjoy baiting these folks and stringing them along. And I’d enjoy telling them to “send the paperwork, by all means”! But it sickens me that people do fall for these. Heck, it gave ME pause, and I’m inherently skeptical about them in the first place. Which brings me back to my thank-you. What you’re doing Ghost32 IS making a difference. Unfortunately it’s probably a half a drop in 55-gallon drum. But it’s a difference nonetheless, and I thank you for it.

  21. Thanks, booboo; the comment is appreciated. At least half a drop in a 55 gallon drum works out to better odds than a teaspoon in the ocean! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Interesting indeed that they targeted your daughter mere weeks after she got her first job. The word “despicable” comes to mind. My wife really does enjoy baiting scammers. Me too, though like you say, it’s seldom I feel spending the time is worth it.

  22. Whenever a number I don’t recognize calls me cell, I don’t answer. If they don’t leave a message I Google the number exactly as it appeared on my phone. I don’t always find what I’m looking for, but sometimes I luck out. Regardless, I block the number from my phone if they don’t leave a message.

    I Googled the number you cite here, Ghost and came up with a whole page of complaints. BTW, the title of this post comes up second in the search results. Anyway, here’s the link:


  23. Thanks, Sha. I don’t usually post links to other sites, but this is a good exception, so thanks.

  24. I just got this call this morning at work. exact word for word message as above. I recently came out of bankruptcy i think thats how they got my name and work #.

  25. Could be; I suppose they might think bankruptcies make for a great fishing hole. Which also makes no sense, since the court done said you DON’T owe anybody anything once the bankruptcy was finalized–unless of course you hung on to a debt or two deliberately, which I did during my second bankruptcy in the year 2000. It’s interesting that 11 months after I first published this article, they haven’t changed the wording one bit. Must be working for them with somebody.

    Anyway, Bret, thanks for posting.

  26. I also had the same incident as Brett occur just now.
    I recently came out of bankruptcy about 6 months ago and just received a call from this number, 855-204-9431, with the same identical message.

  27. Received phone call from someone identifying they were looking for a person I know, but who does not live at this number (it is a work number they called) It was automated and indicated the identified person had “one last chance” and to call 855-204-9431. When I attempted to call this number to say that they had the wrong number, a person answered, but the call was disconnected after a few seconds. My 2nd-10th attempt to return to that number resulted in immediate disconnection. The 11th time a male answered and when I inquired why the phone keeps disconnecting, he indicated it was likely because I was cursing at them (which is not accurate), and the phone disconnected. I attempted 3 more times, all disconnected, then on the 4th (total 15th) time the same woman from the first call answered, and disconnected after a few seconds.

  28. Well, James, that certainly confirms Brett’s hunch that they’re targeting people just coming out of bankruptcies. I didn’t have anything like that happen with me, but at the time I didn’t have a phone, either, so….:D
    Anonymous, you’re certainly willing to put more effort into these things than I am. My wife will do it,though; she pounces right on it when a call like that hits her phone. The lying about you supposedly cursing is certainly logical, since lying is pretty much all they do, eh? And of course they’d disconnect rather than continue talking to someone who was giving them not opportunity to increase their ill gotten gains.

  29. From Detective John Thompson Albertville Police in Alabama

    Iโ€™m filing a complaint with the FTC from all the complaints from our city !

  30. I have been receiving these calls for a few days, about committing tax evasion (which I can’t to, I am too young to pay taxes) and when I call them back, It goes to voicemail and says, The caller is not available, leave a message…The mailbox is full…An error has occurred.

  31. Detective, it’s great to see you’re doing that on behalf of your city’s residents. Keep up the good work and many thanks for posting.
    Sammy, these scammers are pretty much bottom feeder predators, looking to pick off anyone they can from minors to the elderly and no holds barred. It’s awesome to see you defending yourself effectively. They’re right when they say “an error has occurred,” but it’s their error and failure at being fully human, in my opinion.

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