Lomantium Dissectum (Desert Parsley) Saved My Life

To say that my life was saved by desert parsley (Lomantium dissectum) is no exaggeration.

As of Sunday, April 27, 2017, my tenure on this planet was in mortal danger and I knew it. Not that I’d ever admit anything like that to my wife, Pam, but she’s no fool. As she noted a few days later, we were both dancing at Death’s door. Discussing her situation in detail would take a few thousand pages at least, however, so hey, let’s focus this post on little old me.

“Old” being a figure of speech, as I’m a mere seventy-three years of age. Anyway, before we get to the desert parsley or its sidekick, elderberry liquid, here’s a bit of–


For the past six months, my health had been at relatively constant risk. A sinus infection that first manifested noticeable symptoms on October 27, 2016, eventually involved the right side sinus, ear, throat, and lung, “bottoming out” on December 5 when I realized one day that I had no emotions left. Didn’t care whether I lived or died, and dying looked quite possible. Mostly recovered from that by early January, I was back on my game until early March, when a whiz-banger of a head cold threw me for another loop. Still not fully over that, I simply had to follow up with another rhinovirus that fired up in mid-April…a different microbe, showing distinctly different symptoms that included smashing my libido flatter than a road kill possum. Antibiotics were accomplishing nothing whatsoever. The infection raged. Extreme nasal congestion, what Pam called a scary “barking” cough, zero energy, pain in my knees when I stood, ripple-vision crowding in all around the edges so that I peered through an ever narrowing tunnel…the list went on.

Whether I could go on was an open question. My inner guidance stated clearly, “Hang in there, you’ll live.” But if something didn’t change both radically and soon….


April 27 was the turning point. I absolutely had to run a few errands in town, including picking up a large pizza to attempt to combat the depressed appetite that had cost me ten pounds of weight in the previous week. My last stop on the way home was the Post Office…where a miracle in a bottle sat waiting patiently. The eight ounce bottle of LDM-100, a Lomantium dissectum tincture, had arrived days ahead of Amazon’s promise.

Ah, wait. How did I ever find out about this stuff in the first place? It happened like this. Five days earlier, the last day I’d felt well enough to do any packing at all toward our upcoming move to Montana, a few office shelves got cleaned out and stuffed into a box. One item was a copy of Paul Twitchell’s book, Herbs the Magic Healers. I’d read the book before, consulted it numerous times, yet decided to peruse the Index one last time, checking out any references to remedies for colds or flu. The very first such entry listed an herb I knew nothing about: Leptotaenia. What the? How could I have missed that all these years? I first read that book more than forty years ago!

Okay, so I Googled leptotaenia–and sure enough, up popped Lomantium dissectum. Desert parsley. A remedy that first came to the white man’s attention when one doctor noticed the Native Americans of the Southwest were getting well after a week or so of sickness during the great global flu epidemic of 1917-18…while white folks were dying in great numbers. The Indians ate the root. They smoked it, or burned it and inhaled the smoke, calling it the Dortza, i.e. heap big medicine. It was known to be a powerful killer of both viruses and bacteria.

Hey, sign me up!

“The Dortza,” or “heap big medicine.”

At 6:00 p.m. precisely, I took my first dose. The bottle label recommends dosages ranging from ten drops up to five droppers, but the bottle didn’t have a dropper included. Fortunately, we had one on hand, a big ol’ dropper that looked like it sort of fit that eight ounce bottle. There are many different recommendations out there, but I settled on two droppers every six hours, diluted with a bit of water (which turns the product milky-cloudy) and chased with at least eight ounces of water.

The results were astounding. Within twenty-four hours of taking that first dose, all of my symptoms were reduced noticeably and even my libido had come roaring back. After two days of Lomantium, the antibiotics were relegated to storage. Today, the fifth day, I’m back to working full days with almost zero symptoms, just a very occasional light productive cough (once an hour at most) and an equally occasional clearing of the nose. Ripple vision is entirely gone. Mind is clear and definitely more functional than it was five days ago.

From left to right: (1) Eight ounce bottle of LDM-100 Lomantium dissectum, (2) pocket carry bottle containing a “travel dose” of LDM-100 plus water, (3) Lomantium Root capsules, (4) Lomantium throat spray.


One website mentioned that Lomantium should be taken in conjunction with elderberry juice or liquid, the elderberry serving as a “daily antiviral tonic.” So Pam and I are both using that now, too–and loving it. I lust for the taste of elderberry so strongly that I find myself sucking on the spoon just hoping I missed a drop and can get one more teensy taste!

Because of the alcohol content, Pam struggles with the taste of LDM-100 in tincture form. She is now taking Lomantium in capsule form so she doesn’t have to take as many “icky stinky alcohol drinks.”


How heavily loaded with viruses had my body become over the years? Very, it seems. Not only am I feeling better and better, but the massively swollen lymph nodes along my neck are shrinking noticeably, down now to at most one fifth of what they were a month ago, and I have confidence they will in time be completely flat once again, as they should be. What sort of viral infections have they been harboring? DIVA, I suspect: Death Incarnate Viruses of America! But the desert parsley plus elderberry combination is killing them, no matter what form they try to take.

And then this morning’s startling discovery. I’ve had a cyst–or at least I thought it was a cyst–on the back side of my upper right arm since 2003. This morning, I realized…that cyst (or whatever it is) is disintegrating!


No one thing works for everybody, but bottom line, how amazing is this stuff? Let’s put it this way: At the restaurant today, I told my waitress, “…so don’t be surprised if you see me out there in the parking lot, jumping over the Country House in single bounds, just for practice!”

And yes, it’s working for Pam, too.


The literature states that some people detox so strongly on Lomantium that they bust out all over with a detox rash, usually showing up around five to seven days after starting on the product.

12 thoughts on “Lomantium Dissectum (Desert Parsley) Saved My Life

  1. Whew, another brush with death. Amazing recovery. I had to look up Lomantium Dissectum because “desert parsley” sounded familiar. Yep, we have some kind of desert parsley growing around these parts, though the leaves seem to indicate a different species.

  2. They certainly could be a different species. Fortunately, at least for now, I don’t need to harvest and process the plants, just fork over a few bucks for a bottle of the elixir. 😀

    And yeah, an amazing recovery indeed. Happy me!

  3. Maybe I need to try some of that stuff. I do not feel right, but figure that with what has been going on the last year, I have reasons to not feel right. Glad you’re feeling better, and Pam too. I have been so very tired for the last year and just do not know what to do about it. I guess I need to go get the blood tests the Dr. wants me to get. Maybe that will show something.

  4. Yes, you certainly do have reasons to not feel right. The emotional drain alone ought to be enough to throw anybody out of whack a bit. Endocrine or hormone imbalance, possibly? Which I suppose could be some of the things your M.D. might be looking for. On the other hand, based on the rather astounding results I’m seeing in my own body, who knows how many virus buildups we might have sneakily sapping our strength? I do know that no blood test would have been likely to pinpoint the source of the problems I was having.

    Wow. Was having. How marvelous it is to be able to refer to that in the past tense.

  5. Thank you for the post and the information, Ghost. I am ordering my doses right now, since you seem to be the answer to a question as to a waking dream. I need a different alternative to heal my health issues, and surprisingly regular medication is not controlling my blood sugars well any more… could be viral overload, considering everything else that I’ve been correcting with my spiritual exercises. So, thank you!
    And, on another note, THANKS FOR TAKING THE DESERT PARSLEY! I was concerned about you yet realized I needed to be silent for a while. 🙂
    Of course, I am far too discrete to mention I’ve missed your writing… LOL
    ah… self interest and attachment… but hold it: your digital posts are not material things, are they?
    Well, I’m getting fooling here, so let me stop laughing and just be grateful you and Pam decided to stick around a little more. 😀

  6. Manny, I suspect a lot of us have viral overloads–and could use “different alternatives” for healing, as well.

    Hm…attachment wouldn’t need to limit itself to “material things only,” would it? Seems like just about anything that could be “thought” or “felt” could become a focus for attachment. On the other hand, a bit of enlightened self interest is actually necessary to even survive on this planet, so…guess it all comes back to the question of balance?

    As for my writing, though, there’s going to be a fair bit of “fasting” going on until probably, at a guess, late July at best. All of May will be pretty much focused on preparing for the move to Montana and then moving. It’ll likely take most of June to get settled in, and then by no later than mid-July, we need to run down from Montana to Utah, load up all the furniture and other goodies in Pam’s former apartment, and get it back to Montana as well. (Not to mention figure out how to fit everything into the Deer Lodge house, which is not miniscule, but not huge either. Just under the square footage of the Border Fort if you count Deer Lodge’s add-on enclosed porch.)

    Once the settling in is settled, though, there’ll be no shortage of material bouncing around in my head, begging for a priority exit through the keyboard.

  7. Ok, I guess I’ll hunker down through the slowly moving “fasting” time. Why they call it “fasting” I really don’t know…
    As for attachments and balance, I guess I have to open up that spiritual workbook and do the assignments … LOL

    Just keep us up to date with the move and incidentals as you go to Deer Lodge.
    Take care, dear friend…………. Manny

  8. I’ll do what I can to keep everybody up to date, but that might not be much. I’ve only got 4 days scheduled between my return from the next Montana trip and the day I pick up the U-Haul truck. Pam does agree with you about the “fasting” time, though. She wants to be in Montana NOW! 😀

  9. Hi Fred, I am so sorry that you have been ailing, and so glad that you are recovering.

    Most people have no idea that the Spanish Flu killed millions of people, more than the Black Death, and mostly healthy young adults. I learned about this from my old neighbor, whose father died in that epidemic in 1918.

    Thank you so much for recommending Lomantium Dissectum which saved native Indians from that catastrophe. Obviously, big pharma is preventing lots of natural remedies from ever getting the attention of most medical doctors. While I have to rely on certain medications for my well-being, I have often resisted prescriptions after doing research.

    For example, blood pressure medications caused some ankle swelling and, of course, my doctor wanted to put me on a diuretic, but dandelion root worked just fine, without depleting potassium.

    I hope that Pam and you will be happy in Deer Lodge in Montana — what a change from Hereford and your desert wild life environs!

    Warm regards, Ingrid

  10. Thanks, Ingrid. I’m a firm believer in avoiding prescription drugs to the utmost extent possible, simply because most of them create new problems while “solving” the old ones.

    As for Deer Lodge…yes, a major change from the desert, but not exactly new turf for us. I grew up less than an hour’s drive from Deer Lodge (west on what is now I-90), rodeoed all through that country, my first wife was from Deer Lodge, and my first effort at retirement (in 2002, though I had to go back to work in 2006) was at Anaconda, about 25 miles from Deer Lodge. So basically I’m going home, and Pam is very much on the same page for the move, too.

  11. Damn, Ghost! I really need to make an effort to not stay away for long. I had no idea you were ailing to the point of …. well, you know.

    So glad you found a cure and that it arrived ahead of schedule. The timing was perfect. I’m relieved that you and Pam both are feeling better.

  12. Sha, I’ve danced with Jak o’ the Shadows (that’s a term for Death, usually referring to mortal combat, from Robert Jordan’s classic Wheel of Time fantasy series) off and on throughout the years–but will admit that doing it with plain old sickness is something else. In the case of a rodeo wreck, for example, you either live or die and the results manifest very quickly, but sinusitis and/or flu? That’s just…sick! 😀

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