No MPs Recipes: Lazy Man’s Mashed Potato Soup (No Microplastics Diet)

Yes, this man can be lazy and he does like potato soup. Developing the No Microplastics Diet aka No MPs Recipes is a work in progress, begun in mid-November of 2017 after a dream message advised me to “decontaminate the salt.” It turns out most of our salt, including that in processed foods, comes from the sea whether it’s labeled sea salt or not…and sadly enough, studies have found microscopic MPs in sea salt from around the globe. Want bits of microplastic pigments, foam, fabric and fragments circulating through your bloodstream and penetrating your vital organs? No problem; the odds are you already have them.

For a more extensive account of both theory and practice behind the No MPs Recipes, check out Berrymato Power Shot Smoothie.

In addition to the health benefits listed in that post, I’ve noticed an overall skin improvement as well. Skin tags around my neck, roughly following the neck seam of my V-neck tee shirt, have disappeared and the skin in that area is much smoother.

The most dramatic (to the naked eye) improvement, however, is in the massive swelling that has long had had my lymph nodes outrageously engorged. During the past five years, people have asked my wife, “Why does he look like a monster?”

Her standard retort is, “Ask him yourself!” After all, she is a redhead. The next two pictures were taken to continue photographically recording the effects of this diet on those nodes.

Before photo, taken on November 10, 2017. Note especially the monster cluster at the front center right of my throat, which was actually pressing on my windpipe.

Photo taken December 3, 2017. No more pressure on the windpipe. Entire Monster Cluster is noticeably shrinking back toward normal.

The No MPs diet requires me to home cook everything from fresh ingredients, using only Red Utah Jurassic salt which is mined from seabed deposits laid down in the Jurassic era, long since dry and hopefully less vulnerable to the wash of slowly degrading plastics into the liquid oceans of our planet.

The recipe comes in two stage. First, a good supply of mashed potatoes is a prerequisite. After that is available, the conversion to lazy man’s mashed potato soup is done bowl by bowl. This allows the potatoes to keep longer in the fridge (since the milk is not yet added) and also provides a ready source of non-soup mashed potatoes for eating as-is.




+ distilled water sufficient to cover raw potatoes
+ 5 lbs. potatoes, either russet or red according to preference
+ 1 tbsp. cumin
+ 1 tbsp. garlic powder
+ 1 tbsp. onion powder
+ 1 tbsp. Red Utah Jurassic salt

Place distilled water and spices in large pot on stovetop burner. Wash potatoes and cut into chunks, adding them to pot with skins on. Heat water to boil and cook until potatoes are tender.

When potatoes are done, remove potatoes from pot with slotted spoon, placing them in large mixing/storage bowl. Mash potatoes using a potato masher, or, if you don’t have a masher (which I do not but will soon), a fork will do. Allow potato water to cool, then instead of discarding it, store it in pint canning jars in the fridge. (Starchy potato water with spices can be used to enhance other recipes such as gravies or even bread.)

Potatoes boiled in pre-spiced water and (sort of) mashed with fork.

Spiced potato water stock in pint canning jars for fridge storage.


+ 1 serving (you choose the size) of mashed potatoes
+ 1 serving (enough to turn the potatoes into potato soup) milk
+ 1 pat unsalted butter
+ final spices to taste (Pam and I both add more salt and garlic powder)

Place mashed potatoes into bowl. Add milk and final spices. Squish-stir the mixture until it’s soupy enough to make you happy. (On a bowl-at-a-time basis, a fork works best for this. For larger batches, a mixer may be faster.) Nuke the bowl of soup in the microwave until warm enough for your taste.

Soup’s on!

For the basic soup, that’s all there is to it. However, Pam and I both like petite frozen peas…a lot. So we added a pile of peas to her bowl today. That worked out so well that I filled mine to nearly the rim.

My first bowl (Pam had already downed hers) of Lazy Man’s Mashed Potato Soup…with a pile of frozen peas added as an afterthought.

Can’t forget the salt and garlic powder!

Stirred, heated, and yummy.

The moment Pam finished her bowl, she told me in no uncertain terms, “Make sure that recipe is written down!” Mighty fine praise for any cook to hear.

3 thoughts on “No MPs Recipes: Lazy Man’s Mashed Potato Soup (No Microplastics Diet)

  1. I have never seen mashed potato soup, although I have made creamed corn soup. I make potato soup much differently, but when I make it, it is usually in my large sized crock pot and it usually has ham and cheese added to it. I don’t cook the potatoes in water, I usually cook them in milk.

  2. VERY NICE TWO FER ONE (THREE FER ONE if we include Becky’s recipe) for masked potatoes and potato soup. I agree with the pea toppings, as well as with the ham and other ingredients Becky is adding, but I have to admit I love my food.
    And I have to admit that having the “Pam Seal of Approval” is great, too! πŸ˜€


  3. Weird; I left a comment last night and it’s not there. No clue why that happened.

    Becky: The cheese and ham do sound good–if I dared eat them. Cooking the potatoes in milk sounds good except that (a) I grew up cooking them in water, so there’s inertia to consider, and (b) it “feels” safer to keep them longer in the fridge after cooking if milk is not involved.
    Manny: Absolutely; the recipe only counts as a real chart-topping Hit if it has Pam’s approval. πŸ˜€

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