2 thoughts on “Alzheimer’s Anecdotes #19: SSA Change of Address

  1. And some days, she tops me. I sometimes manage to get through calls without losing my temper and yelling at someone. Katy says it is not their fault and not to yell at them, but when they are rude to me, it IS their fault.

  2. Exactly. I didn’t really even yell at Selma (or whatever her name was), but my voice definitely went stern in a hurry.

    This is not the first time Pam has conquered the SSA phone system beautifully. Mere days after leaving the hospital in 2016, after she was back in her apartment at Amy’s, she followed this exact same routine to finalize their approval of her Medicare insurance. The application had been done online and the caseworker had called me, something to do with her getting Medicare and payments as spousal benefits because we’d been married more than ten years, but he still needed to talk with her personally. She barely had her voice back at that time, but she made it work. Called in, left a message, and sure enough, he called her back, extremely gracious and compassionate during their conversation. It was still another 30 days or so before she got a letter confirming her benefits had been approved, but that was the final thing either of us had to do.

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