No MPs Recipes: Peanut Butter Rice Balls Comfort Food (No Microplastics Diet)

Yeah, that title’s a mouthful. But we all need comfort food and peanut butter rice balls proved to be a fine addition to my No Microplastics Diet, so here’s the latest No MPs recipe.


Note: For the backstory on microplastics (MPs) and my need to entirely eliminate them from my diet, not to mention the ensuing health benefits that continue to accrue, see Berrymato Power Shot Smoothie.


For health reasons, my diet is changing, shifting, ever evolving. As of right now (January 27, 2018), my main meals consist mostly of chicken breast meat (no recipe posted yet), brown rice, and carrots. There’s a morning smoothie pared down to ice cubes, distilled water, plain Greek yogurt, Turbinado sugar, and a triple berry blend (frozen raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries).

It’s good stuff. I’ve no complaints. But most of us like some serious comfort food from time to time, and I’m no exception. Enter the peanut butter rice balls recipe. Technically, it’s three recipes rolled into one, but who’s counting?


Quite a few of our friends and/or neighbors consider themselves to be “scratch” cooks, but I’ve taken that to an extreme exceeded only by hardcore vegans and the like. In the case of peanut butter, commercial versions are not just peanut butter. They have all sorts of unwelcome ingredients in there. Fortunately, making your own peanut butter is a piece of cake.

Wait, that doesn’t sound right….

Anyway, here’s the recipe:


* 1 16. oz. jar Planter’s unsalted peanuts

+ 2 tsp. Red Utah Jurassic Salt

Dump peanuts and salt in nearest high speed blender (unless a food processor is available, which is reportedly better and does the whole deal in one step). Blend until nuts are ground fairly fine, at which point they will hang up and laugh at the blender blades–at least in my Hamilton Beach Pro blender. Scoop crushed nuts out of blender into mixing bowl. Fire up an immersion blender and go to town on the nuts. Within a few minutes of immersion blending, the ground nuts will smooth out into highly acceptable, slightly chunky peanut butter of exquisite quality.

NOTE: To make sure the salt is to taste, it’s perfectly acceptable to wait to add the salt until the immersion blender is working. Or to skip the salt entirely if unsalted peanut butter is preferred. I like mine pretty salty.

Once the peanut butter is done, scoop it into a glass storage jar. It keeps in the fridge well, does not stiffen up there, and makes most of a pint of peanut butter.

Peanuts ground in the Hamilton Beach Pro blender, prior to application of the immersion blender.

Peanut butter holding the stick blender firmly erect.

Final product.

One fine jar of homemade peanut butter, well salted. Downright yummy. Puts JIF to shame.



This hardly needs mentioning, rice being such a simple thing to cook, but here goes anyway.

NOTE: I would never cook a batch of rice “just” to make peanut butter rice balls. Leftover rice goes in the fridge for future meals; no matter how big the batch may be, none of it is ever wasted.

The recipe:


+ 4 cups brown rice

+ 8 cups distilled water (Package calls for less water on a batch this large. I disagree.)

Place rice and water in medium size stock pot. Bring water to boil. Continue cooking at low boil until rice is tender (approx. 45 minutes after boiling point is reached). Let cool, then place cooked rice in storage container.



+ 1 cup cooked brown rice

+ 1 “big scoop” of homemade peanut butter, using tablespoon and grabbing the biggest ball of peanut butter it will hold

Place rice and peanut butter on plate. Moosh the two ingredients together, using hands to “mix dough” until peanut butter and rice are well blended together. Pick bits of dough and roll into balls approx. 1″ in diameter. Makes approx. 6 peanut butter rice balls. Serve with generous sprinkling of Turbinado sugar.

Scoop of homemade peanut butter.

Brown rice and peanut butter, ready to be moshed together into dough.

Completed peanut butter (homemade) rice balls, ready for snacking. Comfort food!

Turbinado sugar sprinkled over a peanut butter brown rice ball, awesome comfort food.

Just one of these spherical treats is enough to satisfy my inner restlessness, more often than not. Peanut power!

6 thoughts on “No MPs Recipes: Peanut Butter Rice Balls Comfort Food (No Microplastics Diet)

  1. This looks good. I was wondering if you got one of the long handled dish brushes to clean the immersion blender blades. I have made peanut butter, but the recipe I used called for some peanut oil to add to it and make it smoother. I like it chunky too.

  2. I like it. I forgot all about the long handled dish brush, though. . Huh. Need to get one of those. This came out about as perfect a peanut butter as I could ever want, so apparently the additional oil is purely optional according to taste. This version is not very chunky, just a little, much less than the chunky style of JIF, for example. Much smaller chunks and not that many of them, just a hint.

  3. I love the homemade peanut butter because its sugar-free, too! 😀
    I will just substitute stevia for the sugar… 🙂 So, what did Pam have to say about your comfort food dish? Please do give her my love.

    Thanks, Ghost!

  4. Glad stevia works for you, Manny. Neither Pam nor I trust it all that much, though there’s some in her “32 greens” product we put into her portion of the smoothies I make. She did give her 5 Star “Pam Seal of Approval” to the peanut butter rice balls, even pointing out the obvious (which I had NOT thought of): Carrying a batch of them on our road runs to AZ will expand my “road diet” considerably. Until now, that’s consisted of hard boiled eggs and dried apricots.

    May the blessings be.

  5. Pam likes your PB balls comfort food enough to ask me if I had tried them yet, when she called me yesterday.

  6. That’s nice to hear. 🙂 It also means I need to get around to making another batch pretty soon. First group didn’t last long!

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