Maine Governor Paul LePage for President 2016 Sounds Good to Me


I’ve been looking for a 2016 Presidential candidate on the GOP side–and at this point, Maine Governor Paul LePage looks like it. Whether or not Governor LePage is considering a run at this point, who knows? If he’s not, let’s hope he gets drafted.

We need this guy.

“We” meaning the United States of America and the U.S. Constitution.

Here’s a photo of Paul, plus one with his family, just to give you a couple of visual reference points.

Maine's Governor Paul LePage.

Maine’s Governor Paul LePage.

LePage 1

In case you haven’t noticed, our nation is in trouble. The current Commander in Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, is about as effective as a gang of termites–wonderful if you’re looking to produce sawdust, but not so great for maintaining a strong home structure. With Hillary Clinton looking to follow up in 2016 for the Democrats, ideologically prepared to finish the destruction Obama has so thoroughly begun, the Republican nominee is going to determine whether our constitutional Republic is facing sunset or sunrise.

Certainly, the mess the GOP made of the 2012 campaign must not be repeated. Mitt Romney was hardly a great candidate, but he was what we had–and he faded in the stretch, gaining a slim lead in the polls and then trying to stall until the game buzzer sounded. True, the mainstream media was more than complicit in helping with the Benghazi coverup, Candy Crowley decided it was her job as debate moderator to jump into the conversation on the side of the incumbent, and all that.

But it was Romney’s timid tactics coupled with New Jersey GOP Governor Chris Christie hugging Obama on camera in the wake of Hurricane Sandy that hammered the last few nails into Mitt’s campaign coffin.

That, and the unbelievable fact that whole hordes of Republican voters stayed home on Election Day rather than cast their votes for a candidate (Romney) of whom they did not approve. That was so unbelievably stupid…there are no words to express it.

But we know all that. What we do not know is where to find a candidate for 2016 who can call it like he sees it–what my friend, Simon Anderson, the CEO of DreamHost, refers to as “shameless honesty”–and rally the people so strongly that he overpowers the media attacks.

Until now, that is.

A friend sent me one of those “viral emails” that got my attention. I liked what I read so much that the Canon PowerShot went to work. Take a look.

Paul LePage 001
Paul LePage 002
Paul LePage 003
Paul LePage 004
Paul LePage 005
Paul LePage 006

That’s not all of the email I received, but it’s enough to get the point across.

Obviously, a man like this one doesn’t just pop up out of nowhere. He has to have a history. And does he ever have a history! Check out what Wikipedia has to say about LePage’s early life:

LePage was born in Lewiston, Maine, the eldest son of eighteen children of Theresa (née Gagnon) and Gerard LePage, both of French-Canadian descent. He grew up speaking French in an impoverished home with an abusive father who was a mill worker. His father drank heavily and terrorized the children; and his mother was too intimidated to stop him.

At age eleven, after his father beat him and broke his nose, he ran away from home and lived on the streets of Lewiston, seeking shelter wherever he could find it, including in horse stables and at a “strip joint”. After spending roughly two years homeless, he began to earn a living shining shoes, washing dishes at a café and hauling boxes for a truck driver. He later worked at a rubber company, a meat-packing plant, and was a short order cook, and bartender

It’s pretty clear young Paul LePage had no idea of stopping there. He eventually got a college education, polished up his English to become truly bilingual, and worked his way up the ladder in both politics and business. He’s been a city mayor and a CEO (of Marden’s discount stores).

His record as mayor of Waterville is worth noting in that when he took over, the city had a million bucks in its “rainy day fund”. When he left…it had ten million.

Well, folks, that’s enough for the moment. This page is really nothing but a place marker, a reminder for later on, especially when the great, grinding political machines begin chewing up and spitting out the remains of candidates for President of the United States. After all, Paul LePage may have no interest in the Presidency.

But if he does run, he’ll have my vote.

UPDATE: September 22, 2013

This post was noticed Mario Maretto of (Thanks, Mario.). His post (plus the Editor’s note) mentioned a few things worth repeating here:

1. The viral email shown in the above photos was found by Snopes to contain “a mixture of truth and fiction”. I’m no big believer in the infallibility of Snopes, but their conclusions are quite likely accurate in this case. Very few of these emails turn out to be 100% correct in their statements, as most readers in this day and age understand.

2. I was (understandably) referred to as an “anonymous” blogger from Cochise County, Arizona, but I’m not really all that anonymous. My name is Fred Baker. I’m a registered Republican and Tea Party activist, living off grid, one mile north of the Mexican border. Years ago, when I was taking an online marketing course, they taught us to go with user names on various sites. I did, and “Ghost32” became a bit of a brand over time; that’s all there is to that. In other words, I’m in no way trying to hide behind the cloak of anonymity.

3. You may note that the writing error, listing Waterville as Watertown, has been corrected. One of the early commenters pointed out my mistake, which I appreciate.




24 thoughts on “Maine Governor Paul LePage for President 2016 Sounds Good to Me

  1. Reading this makes me wonder if the author has ever heard what the people in maine think about Mr. LePage.
    The amount of misinformation in this reminds me of something that should only be on Fox “news”

  2. The two people commenting above me no doubt arrived here the same way I did, from a link on the website of our local newspaper. They are no doubt proud members of the “61%”. You see, LePage only got 39% of the vote when he was elected because the governor’s race was a hotly contested three way affair. But here’s the thing…if their candidate had been elected with 38% of the vote they would think that was just fine. If they really had an issue with a governor being elected with less than half the vote there would be a concerted effort to change the election laws here in Maine. There is not. So they don’t care about not getting a majority. It’s just sour grapes because their guy lost. A great many people here do like LePage and his politically incorrect ways. And it’s very unlikely he’d run for President, so the whole thing is pretty much moot anyway.

  3. Please take LePlague to DC! He would be such an oblivious blowhard in the manner of Louis Gomert, Michelle Bachman, and Sara Palin. One lines are cute but they don’t provide actual goverence. Hence the chemise of the dinosaur republican bully’s and loudmouths.

  4. Carl Loeffler: Your comment was deleted for, quite simply, being rude. There is no reason for any author to accept discourtesy on his own site.

    However, I do very much appreciate your pointing out that I had the name of the town wrong where LePage was mayor: I had typed “Watertown” instead of “Waterville” and have now corrected that. (I knew it was Waterville, my fingers apparently defaulted to Watertown during the typing process, most likely due to my familiarity with the city of Watertown, South Dakota. No excuse, just saying.)

    So, anyway, thanks for that.
    JD: I’m certainly no expert on “Maine residents vs. Paul LePage”, though I do understand the general view according to current polls that he may not win the Governor’s race in 2014.

    On the other hand, so what? Olympia Snowe has long been popular in Maine, and I’d certainly never vote for her in a primary contest. My political posts are opinion pieces, not designed as public debate forums.

    Beyond that, you refer to “misinformation” in the post but provide no concrete examples. If you’d care to cite specifics–as Carl Loeffler did in pointing out that I had the town of Waterville badly misspelled–I’d be happy to research what you had to say.
    Fred: Thanks for checking in. I’m sure you’re right; that the previous commenters (one of whose comments has been deleted, as I explained) are “proud members of the 61%”.

    You’re undoubtedly correct, also, in your opinion that it’s very unlikely he’d run for President. But hey, I’m a member of our local Palominas Tea Party, and I can dream….:)
    Christin: Thank you. Sarah Palin is my all time preferred candidate, and I’ve always appreciated Michelle Bachmann as well. I’m not sure about goverence and dinosaur chemises, but we can’t have everything.

  5. How about a twofer? We will send you LePlague and you get to keep the ever wacky sherrif joe. Then you can buy Leplage a goofy cowboy hat and give him one bullet. Barney Fife ain’t got nothing on LePlague!,,,,
    PS…he don’t care for minorities, so he should fit right in down there.

  6. LOL! Truth be told, Paul LePage does remind me a bit of Sheriff Joe, and yes, we’d be glad to have both of them.

    As for not caring for minorities, though, I’ve never quite understood the mainstream media take on that one. Even just in our own family, my wife is part Choctaw, her son is married to a Mexican American gal, and one of her daughters is married to a Mexican national who immigrated illegally three different times before managing to find a way to turn himself legal and become a citizen.

    Plus, we have U.S. Representatives that pretty much cover the spectrum, including (for example) Raul Grijalva from right next door (to us) in Tucson.

    I’ve not noticed Goofy wearing a cowboy hat all that often, but I certainly do. Earned it, too, having grown up on a Montana ranch and at one time having competed for some years on the pro rodeo circuit as a saddle bronc rider and bull rider.

    Were I to head for Maine, though, I will admit a warm hat with insulated ear flaps might be a better choice, at least during the winter months.

  7. Interesting Fred. It seems you attracted some of the sour grapes crowd. I get em all the time. Can’t make everyone happy all the time.

  8. True enough, Jim–but they’re not all sour. The “other Fred’s” comment works for me, and I really like Christin’s offer to let us have LePage while keeping Sheriff Joe. 🙂

  9. One thing you should know, the NAACP invited all candidates to visit ALL prisoners, black and white prior to the election.
    Also, the family picture is lovely, but it leaves out two daughters from his first marriage, and adds a “son”. I am assuming that LePage has provided support for his Canadian daughters since he left for the states. The young man is not adopted, and still has his own father. He won a prize for golfing while living in Jamaica, and went to school in the US. The LePages were his host family, which is wonderful, but he is not adopted as LePage has claimed.
    I am not worried that LePage will run for President, just trying to straighten out a few things in your post.

  10. If Paul lepage becomes the next us president would be a wrong idea. He wants to take help from the middle class people and job support and child support as well. Plus special education make so the middle class lives like nothing exists at all. Programs getting cut former people who helped other middle class people working real world jobs. Not seeing others as much as they were supporter in your lifetime. I am a middle class citizen in Maine it is hard to get a job with no support at all. You can see help wanted signs on all retail and restaurants everywhere. I am unemployed and I had job support in the past 15 years until now. Then in 2011 he became governor and he was a lot like bobby valentine the worst manager Boston Red Sox baseball history to being fired and then they moved on. So I do not want him to president at all. If he does he will become the worst president in history in our state. He thinks he is good but at lying and stealing beauties from Drew Carey price is right. He was going out to do what was best for himself to go and watch their disabilities fail and go get your jobs 40 hours a week.

  11. Jill: Thanks; that’s specific and helpful.
    Chris Fowler: I’m a little confused by your comment. You mention having had job support for fifteen years, prior to LePage’s governorship. Does that mean Maine gave you an unemployment check for fifteen straight years, or…?

    Also, you state that it’s hard to get a job with “no support”, but I’m not clear what that means. Perhaps you’re saying that if there’s no unemployment check coming in to cover a few groceries and gas for the car to go job hunting, it’s a lot tougher? Which it certainly is, no doubt (though during my working years, I had over 100 jobs and never once accepted unemployment). But how does that fit in with all the help wanted signs in retail stores and restaurants?

  12. Jill:
    Thanks for reading my story but I have little support and not enough for job support and I do not drive and I still have unemployment rates more than 10.00 dollars a week or 50.00 dollars a month. Just to spend or save for family trips.

  13. Ouch, Chris. Not driving in this society, at least in the 21st century, is enough of an obstacle all by itself, no matter who’s in office. My wife is an expert driver but gave up her license after a whole ton of disabilities hit her. Even though I’m able to provide for her, just the restriction of not being able to head out once in a while when she wants to is extremely difficult. Plenty of depression to fight.

  14. I’m not one for waiting on anybody in any level of government, but in a way I can understand. If that’s the only option you can see, you pretty much have to go with it.

  15. Jill:
    Having governor lepage as president makes lots of banning all help from middle class people. From Maine to Hawaii even. Then he says that his mother in law out in Florida to buy a house and why can he grow up to a man.

  16. lapage, the three “b” governor. he has the Braines the Backbone and the Balls to make the country survive!!! LAPAGE FOR PRESIDENT

  17. All right! I’ll remember that one, especially since my family name starts with a “B” as well! 🙂

  18. If we could ship this 1 term wonder off to you, we would all be happy. 3b is bullshiter, wannabe bully (but too short), balless.

  19. he paid off your welfare hospital bill, did he not? now you want him gone so you can stack up more debt ! yeah good plan…

  20. Now, that’s just plain confusing. I’ve never had a welfare hospital bill, never been on welfare, and have always paid my own way for medical care. I have no debt at this time and don’t intend to add any. So…what on Earth are you talking about?

    Or are you, Anonymous of April 26, replying to Anonymous of 2? That could be….

  21. BALLESS, ha confront the man and call him balless, but watch out the bulldog might bite!

  22. To our readers: Note how many of the comments on this page seem to be authored by “Anonymous”…? Busy individual, that one!

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