How To Find the Model Number on a Briggs and Stratton Engine


We moved down here to New Moon Ranch in the spring of twenty-oh-nine

The seller bought us a Troy-Bilt gennie that did the job just fine

Five thousand watts of super-juice to pump water from the well

As well as power the microwave from dawn till the final bell

A Briggs and Stratton engine was the power for this thing

That beast would start with a single pull of the starting pulley string

But finally nine months ago the Briggs and Stratton broke on down

So I tried to find the model number instead of taking it to town


But first I went to the Internet to the Briggs and Stratton site

Can’t say ’twas user friendly; it gave me quite a fright

Would not let me navigate to get the correct parts

Unless I had that model number, I could just go sniff my f–ts.

We found that number right away or so we silly thought

When it came to Briggs and Stratton, it was that number not

Turned out those Troy-Bilt digits applied electrically

But not to the engine made by Briggs; they laughed at foolish me


Getting down and desperate, there was nowhere we’d not look

Even studied the hot exhaust gas warning to keep things by the book

Nope, not up there on the fuel cap nor down there by the rocks

I wonder if they hid that thing down at the shipping docks


Months go by and still I try to find that hidden thing

No matter what I do the number hides behind a veil of unseeing

The muffler spark arrestor vanished, burned out long ago

Would they have marked something like that? The answer’s surely no

I’ve looked at the engine itself and all those separate parts

Briggs and Stratton made our day and then they broke our hearts


And then one day I came to play and pulled my email up

A Briggs and Stratton selling site had noted one great Hub

They’d like to have me to link to them; I told them that I might

If they’d help me find that model number right where it’s trying to hide

The gal who wrote me contacted a fellow in the know

He mailed me right away to say it’s right under your nose

Just look at the valve cover; it’s stamped right in the metal

I looked and sure enough it’s there; now I’m back in fine fettle


Now do I feel really stupid; did I lose a lot of face?

Not hardly; it’s still hard to see with the sun shining in place

But I know it’s there, so what I’ve done is write this post for true

The model number’s printed now: Two-oh-four-three-one-two!

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