Post Raisin Bran Gets Rid of the High Fructose Corn Syrup and Makes My Day


Raisin Bran is my favorite cereal. High fructose corn syrup used to be in both brand name products, but Post has been my favorite brand of raisin bran since the day I read the labels and discovered Kellogg’s product is made in Mexico these days, not in Battle Creek, Michigan. Post makes theirs in St. Louis, Missouri.

I’d been out of raisin bran for a while, but today was Wal-Mart day. When the big purple Post Raisin Bran box jumped off the shelf and into my hand, imagine my amazement at seeing a new blue banner splashed across the front:

Contains NO HIGH FRUCTOSE Corn syrup

unlike Kellogg’s® Raisin Bran

Now, there’s some likeable advertising, telling you what you need to know and sticking it right in the competition’s face. You go, Post!

I was so tickled about this, I could hardly stand myself. Everything’s got high fructose corn syrup in it these days despite the many warnings out there for anybody who cares to Google the stuff. If you’re not an ultra super fanatic, label reading, grow your own food turbo-vegan, you’re consuming that particular sweetener whether you know it or not.

Most sodas: Ingredient #1: Carbonated water. Ingredient #2: High fructose corn syrup.

Okay, you probably knew about that one. How about:

Kroger Seedless Blackberry Preserves: Ingredient #1: Blackberries. Ingredient #2: High fructose corn syrup.

It’s everywhere! It’s everywhere!

But not in Post Raisin Bran. Not any more, it’s not!

The news was so awesome, it just had to be shared. Over in the soda aisle, where I was picking up more two-liter bottles of Coca Cola and Dr. Thunder, both loaded with high fructose corn syrup (not to mention phosphoric acid, which eats bones, I accosted a woman shopping with her teenaged daughter in tow.

“Have you seen this? You’ve got to see this!” I grabbed the box of Post Raisin Bran out of my cart and shoved it in her face. “Look at that! No high fructose corn syrup! They had it in there last month, but now they don’t! How awesome is that!”

“Uh, yeah, that’s good,” she said, nervously scuttling along to get away from the madman. “That’s really good.”

“Did you notice this?” I accosted the checkout cashier, waving the box left to right to left so that her eyes crossed trying to focus on the blurry thing. “No high fructose corn syrup! They took it out!”

She had her finger on the Call Security button by the time I scooted out the door, treasure in hand, cackling like Doctor Doofenshmirtz of the Phineas and Ferb show, convinced his latest Raisin Braninator will make him the absolute ruler of the Tri-State Area.

So, what’s the total ingredient list for Post Raisin Bran? Surely, they must have stuck something bad in there, right? After all, everybody does.

Nunh-uh! Here’s the list:

1. Whole grain wheat

2. Raisins

3. Wheat bran

4. Sugar

5. Wheat flour

6. Malted barley flour

7. Salt

That’s it. No food dyes and no high fructose corn syrup. Too much fructose, by the way, has been proven carcinogenic and also contributes to wrinkles, wrinkles, and more wrinkles.

Now, where did I put that bowl? No, honey, the big one.

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