Colloidal Silver: The Blue Man aka Paul Karason aka Papa Smurf


March, 2008. The Blue Man, colloidal silver user and advocate, makes it big.

Prior to Paul Karason’s appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, little was known about The Man Who Turned Blue. Oh, my wife and I knew about him. He’d recently moved to Madera, California, from Oregon where people were driving him nuts by staring and pointing and commenting. According to an article in our local Colorado newspaper, he was hoping Madera would be a little more easygoing about the whole thing.


Update: Paul died in September of 2013 at the age of 62. A heart attack, pneumonia, and a prior stroke all apparently contributed to his passing. Colloidal silver, so far as we know, did not.


We also understood his plight, since I have personally experienced a much milder form of colloidal silver argyria than Paul’s version. From mid-1995 to mid-1997, having learned that silver has long been known to kill more than 625 nasty bacteria and viruses, I drank anywhere from 2 ounces to 2 pints of the stuff on a given day. And I’m glad I did.

Until that time (1995) I’d had a lifetime vulnerability to every common cold, nasty flu, or sinus infection within three counties. To some readers, that may not sound like so much until you realize that these bouts of minor to moderate illness did not just come and go. Some of them hung on for as long as nine consecutive months without a break.

Colloidal silver put a halt to that nasty cycle.

So, is the risk of turning blue worth it? Yes. If I had to turn as blue as Paul to feel as good as I do in recent years, I would do it. Oh, even at my much less noticeable level of blueness, there are interesting consequences. Not health consequences. Social consequences. People have often asked me why I looked blue. I have a standard set of answers for them:

#1: “Oh, the answer is really simple. My Grandma had really low morals and…my Grandaddy was a Smurf!”

#2: “I’m one of the original founders of the Blue Man Group.”

#3: “You’ve heard of zombies? Well…I’m actually one of the…Living Dead!”

And if that doesn’t take care of it, I can still outwork most twenty year old men and figure my odds of being the last man standing in a street fight are considerably better than they were forty years ago. So there.

Update: October, 2013. I’ll turn 70 next month, and that last paragraph is still true today.

This photo, taken in 2008 when I was writing this post, shows my coloring at its "maximum blue" level...a far cry from Paul Karason's extreme Papa Smurf blueness, to be sure.

This photo, taken in 2008 when I was writing this post, shows my coloring at its “maximum blue” level…a far cry from Paul Karason’s extreme Papa Smurf blueness, to be sure.

Fortunately, There Is A Step Beyond Colloidal Silver

Until his death, Paul continued to swear by colloidal silver and took it regularly, never mind what Dr. Oz or any other self-styled authority may or may not have recommended. I’m with Paul…but need to mention several key differences between us.

For one thing, I never did produce my own, figuring my quality control abilities could not possibly match those of a commercial manufacturing lab. For another, although I used the stuff off and on for the better part of three years, that use was intermittent and did stop in 1997 because money was getting tight–and I still didn’t trust myself to whip up a batch on my own.

Thirdly, we found a better product. In November of late 2005, Pam (my wife) was dying. She’d had a horrible flu-like infection that no amount of antibiotics could quite kick. Her doctor still did not realize just how sick she was, although he did prescribe massive doses of Zithromax. Yet even with that, the “bug” was clearly mutating as it went.

We agreed that the hospital was not an option. Hospitals kill people.

In desperation, searching the Internet for an answer…I found it. A company called ZPTech offered a product called AquaSilver. Their website described is a great technological leap beyond colloidal silver, something they called monatomic silver.

The picture in my head goes like this: If each tiny colloidal silver particle was the size of a basketball, then a monatomic silver particle might be the size of a BB. Or something like that.

It Was A Terribly Close Call

Dec. 21 ’09 UPDATE: ZPTech may have DISCONTINUED this miracle product. (false alarm; see Jan. 15 2010 update) I just tried to reorder and could not find it on their website. Fortunately, they now publish a phone number. I’ll call in the a.m. and find out for sure…but it does not look good. If AquaSilver is indeed no more, I’ll leave the article intact–but with this regretful notice added.

Dec. 23 ’09 update: Yes, ZPTech does appear to have discontinued their AquaSilver product. (again, see Jan. 15 2010 update) My phone call to them was not returned…but after further research, I’ve placed an order for a bottle of UltraSilver from That site sells silver in various strengths. I’m trying the 10,000 ppm “super strength” version…but fully intend to dilute it drastically. One 8 ounce bottle of AquaSilver at 1,000 ppm produced a full gallon of the product as we drank it. One 8 ounce bottle of UltraSilver will be diluted (with distilled water) to produce ten gallons of drinkable supplement. The only variable we’re not sure about is particle size. UltraSilver lists their silver particles as measuring 35.2 nanometers, but I’ve no idea how that compares to AquaSilver. With this stuff, the smaller the particle the better, but we’re admittedly shooting in the dark a bit since ZPTech neither picked up the phone nor called back.

I did learn, while doing online research, that “monatomic” silver and “ionic” silver are frequently (possibly always–I couldn’t be certain) the same thing. One thing is certain: Nearly every colloidal silver sales site (and there are a lot of them now) slams every competitor’s site. The consumer is left to sift and juggle information, in the end relying on hunches and intuition to guess who’s telling the straight of it.


I just checked my email and found the following message from Ryan McClelland at ZPTech:

Ohh my goodness!!! We updated our website in December and a couple of products were not posted back up right away. We still have aqua silver available….

Hey, all’s well that ends well!

Back to the original story….

ZPTech’s product (when I purchased it in 2005) was not cheap. I ordered ten eight-ounce bottles to get the maximum discount and included a comment to the company to please ship ASAP, as my wife’s life was on the line.

The day the AquaSilver arrived via UPS, Pam was extremely close to passing from this world. Seldom conscious, and then barely so, she could hardly breathe for the congestion filling her lungs. With great care, I mixed a batch per the directions (one small bottle in a gallon of distilled water) and began getting four ounces of the mixture down her every hour.

Within 2 hours, her breathing was noticeably easier.

Within 24 hours, I knew she would live.

Within 7 days, she was symptom free.

From that time forward, we have always had some of the monatomic silver on hand. It does not always “cure” all by itself; Pam’s doctor has needed to add Zithromax to her regimen several times during the past 3 years. Fortunately, it does not turn people blue, either. My “blueness” has never increased, and Pam has never been blue at all…except for the emotional kind of blue, which is another topic.


Update, October 7, 2013: Unfortunately, though AquaSilver was still in business the last time I checked, they’ve diluted their product…and when I emailed a query about that, the company did not reply. I do keep some of another brand on hand for emergencies, but it’s not “perfect enough” to earn a recommendation. Which means you’re on your own if you go silver prospecting.

Closing thought: Studies are starting to show up online showing that controlled scientific experiments are proving that adding trace amounts of silver (not necessarily colloidal silver) to antibiotics makes the antibiotics ten times more effective. It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes the drug companies to start making those “silver enhanced” meds available to the public.

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