Cave For Sale–No, Really!



Got a cave for sale? My dream property has always been a cave. This must be true; in most of my spiritual contemplations, I start out by imagining myself sitting in the mouth of a cave set into the face of a really tall cliff, looking out over a vast desert where nothing is moving, not even a mouse. Additionally, I’m totally comfortable underground, rummaging around in old mine shafts and yes, caves.

So why am I still living above ground?

Got me.

However, I did take an all important step tonight–that crucial first step–by Googling “cave for sale”. There are some cave houses for sale out there. Not interested. Want raw cave.

Guess what? There are actually some undeveloped caves for sale out there, too!

First up, the White River Cave, runs 1400 feet deep into the mountain for only $139,900. Cool! But’s what this? “Contains rare grey bat”, the ad says. Hm. Not much point in figuring out where Polk County might be, now is there? Probably a dozen different governmental agencies and/or nutzoid environmentalist groups ready to shoot me if I so much as collect an ounce of the rare grey’s rare guano, doncha know.

White River Cave for sale: $139,900.

White River Cave for sale: $139,900.

Blue Moon Cave

Cave for sale #2: This could truly be my dream property. It’s Blue Moon Cave in South Dakota, situated just 14.7 miles west of Custer, South Dakota, on 320 acres–and for the mere pittance of $1,999,999!! Why, that’s not even two million smackeroos! It’s also close to Jewel Cave, which as I recall has its main tourist entrance at 16 miles west of Custer.

I know this area. I’ve lived in Custer. I love this country!

On the other hand (reality sets in)…the two mil might be all right, chump change and all that…but I’ll betcha Custer County would want their taxes every year, wouldn’t they?


Still, I’ve toured Jewel Cave, absolutely loved the place. The tour took place at a time when a bunch of folks were really ticked off at me–more than usual, that is–and I could feel their unfriendly thought forms beating me severely about the head and shoulders…until I was inside the cave. Then, with a mountain of rock between me and the ill-wishers…absolute peace.

Hated for that tour to end, I’ll tell ya!

Blue Moon Cave: $1,999,999.

Blue Moon Cave: $1,999,999.

Big Spring

Ah, now here’s a deal at 3849 Lick Creek Rd., Leasburg, MO! A mere $795,000 gets you 150.9 acres (or maybe only 105.9; it’s listed both ways on the ad) with three springs, a lake, two caves, a farmhouse, a barn, and merchantable walnut timber. How could you go wrong?

Gotta say, Big Spring is one fine looking spring. Pam could sit and stare at that for hours, I’m thinking.

Nah, we’re not leaving the Border Fort in Arizona any time soon…but who knows? Maybe we will have so much money to “throw around” one of these days that a natural underground hideout as a second home might actually be a reasonable concept.

At any rate, these three are at least a beginning, a place to start dreaming.

And when you stop dreaming, you’re already dead.

Big Spring and more for $795,000.

Big Spring and more for $795,000.

Cave #1.

Cave #1.

Cave #2.

Cave #2.

10 thoughts on “Cave For Sale–No, Really!

  1. Get yourself a few acres on a hill and carve one out yourself. That’s a good way to do it. I’ll help if I can dig my own out too. lol I have land still in Missouri but the gound is too rocky and loose. Too much dirt between them. May be build a tilt wall construction home an simply bury it. You can ad cave features to it as you want out of concrete. even BURLAP on reinforced wire and PLASTER makes cool looking fake rocks inside your new cave. I might just do that. go to a zoo and see how they do it.

  2. Dale, you’re reading my mind. I purchased some land in November that’s up in the western Montana mountains–in fact, my Dad used to lease it for summer cattle grazing. The granite in the area ought to work just fine for a cave, manmade or otherwise…though obtaining “carving tools” might be another issue altogether.

  3. Hi, Violet–and thanks for commenting. I never thought about seeking a particular type of stone when it comes to caves, but sandstone would be a mighty fine choice, for sure.

  4. discussing how people are still selling lands that was never for sale at first, these people wanna sell what mother offer us freely, all for blood money. it is no ones. the Earth does NOT belong to anyone!!

  5. You have a point, kuhtish. About all we can do is exchange a bit of cash as a way of establishing out position on the planet for a little while, relative to the rest of our species.

  6. GREAT Shots. Really shows a few good caves, do you have any of the interior of these caves?? Thanks!!

  7. Thanks for commenting, Steve, but no, I don’t have any interior shots of the caves. If you Google each cave separately, though, you might another photo or two on the sales websites–if they’re still on the market, anyway. These pics are all promo shots put out by the sellers.

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