How To Block Incoming Calls on a Verizon Cell Phone

My wife and I had Verizon cell phones and a need to know how to block incoming calls from a former friend we’d kicked to the curb. The lady had no clue how to take no for an answer. We had no desire to listen to her aggressive mental illness.

But how? How is such a thing done?

The phone menus didn’t help. Time to Google. That turned up a pretty decent article on procedure…but it wasn’t quite right. Out of date, maybe; technology does march on.

Hence this post. As of the date of publication (June 9, 2012), this information is true and correct.


Bottom line, Call Blocking ability does not come with the basic Verizon wireless (cell phone) package. It’s an add-on feature, currently costing $4.99 per phone, which we’d never before needed. Since we have two phones, one for me and one for my wife, our new monthly bill would be $9.98 higher, ongoing.

We could live with that. Gladly, under the circumstances.

Also, it appears that Verizon has expanded the number of callers you can block. Used to be 12, but now you have the capability of blocking up to 20 phone numbers. We like that.

Finally, you don’t have to call anybody at Verizon or even mess with the phones themselves to get the unwanted calls blocked completely. It’s all done on the Internet. We really like that.

True, that means you have to have your online account set up. But we’d done that ages ago, so…here’s the procedure from that point forward.


On the first Verizon page after logging in, there’s a section titled PLAN. It’s circled in green in the photo above.

Click on that.


This brings up a page headlined My Plan and Features. On the right side is a section for My Features, at the bottom of which is a button labeled Add/Change Features.

Click on that.


On the Change Features page, the feature you want to add is titled Usage Controls. In the photos, it shows as Current Feature simply because I never thought about doing a Hub on this topic until after we’d blocked our harrasser’s calls.

If your account shows that, you’re already paying for the privilege and could have been blocking calls from the beginning. If not, click on Add (on the right) and go from there.


The phone numbers for your cell phones have to be added one at a time–Verizon dpesn’t have a button to add “All Phones For This Account” in a single click. The process is pretty straightforward, though, and eventually you end up with a page looking something like the photo above.

Minus the green redaction of numbers, of course.

Next, click on Blocked Contacts, which will bring up a page that lets you enter the number(s) from which you want to block incoming calls. Then you end up with a page like the photo below.


Adversary blocked! Ah, the peace and quiet!

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