GHR (Growth Hormone Releaser) by Global Health Products of Carson City, Nevada: Product Review


There are numerous GHR (Growth Hormone Releaser) products out there these days, not just the version marketed by Global Health Products. As of this writing (February 14, 2013–Valentine’s Day), Amazon has four consumer reviews of this GHR. Two of the reviewers love the stuff; the other two hate it.

Figures, eh?

Naturally, there’s the usual suspicion regarding the positive reviews. Were the reviewers being 100% truthful, or do they, you know, work for the company that sells GHR? Likewise, the negative reviews were frowny-face all the way. There’s nothing (in the Amazon reviews) anywhere near the middle.


With that in mind, it seemed advisable to tell our GHR stories in some detail.

Let’s get started.

A bottle of GHR.

A bottle of GHR.

March, 2013

About Us

Pam and I are both lifetime athletes and were both Valedictorians of our respective high school classes. She is now 61, with numerous disabilities held at bay only by her stubborn “use it or lose it” attitude, i.e., her absolute refusal to quit. I’m 69, with no health challenges worth mentioning except for the disgusting development that both chocolate and alcohol are on the permanent Fuhgeddaboudit List.

We’re always on the lookout for helpful nutritional supplements. Without those, neither of us would be functioning in any way, shape, or form. In other words, we’d both be dead. Fortunately, I made my living in the alternative health field for one 20-year period that provided me with a pretty thorough grounding in what the right supplements can do for the human body as well as what the wrong supplements can do to it.

GHR aside, Pam and I take a number of the same supplements but diverge where needed. I use saw palmetto for the prostate, for example. She doesn’t need that. She uses a couple of products that help balance blood sugar levels; I don’t need those.

In other words, while we don’t carry any formal degrees in Supplementology (in part because no such curriculum has been developed yet, at least that we know of), we are a good bit more knowledgeable in the field than the average couch potato.

From HGH to GHR

HGH, Human Growth Hormone, has been known to provide numerous benefits to the human body for some time now. Many a body builder has stuck himself in the butt with injectable (and usually restricted, therefore illegal) HGH at a cost that can run into thousands of dollars per month. Presumably, those who do this (yes, some still do) are pretty well funded and, maybe-sorta like Lance Armstrong, a bit on the cavalier side when it comes to the law.

But they’ve done it, and plenty still do it.

Besides the cost and legal dangers of using a restricted substance (injectable HGH is usually a lab produced, synthetic hormone), the man-made hormones are also dangerous.

No matter what the possible benefits, neither Pam nor I had the slightest interest in going that route. Nunh-uh, thank you very much.

In more recent times, however, the GHR products began hitting the market. Silly me, I hadn’t even noticed until a couple of months ago. The Growth Hormone Releasers are qualitatively different and separate from HGH, being natural products designed to encourage the body to make its own hormones.

Well now. That’s much better.

We were intrigued.

The Ingredient List

As much as anything, it was the list of ingredients in GHR that made us truly want to try it. Most specifically, we were pleased to note the inclusion of porcine (from pig) anterior pituitary gland extract. We’ve known since 2003 that pituitary supplementation was important for Pam…because a gifted endocrinologist in Great Falls, Montana, ran some tests on my redhead and pointed out the grim fact:

Her pituitary gland’s performance was definitely not up to par.

For some time after that, she used a pituitary supplement from bovine (cow) sources, but we sort of backslid on that one. She hasn’t seen a bottle of that particular supplement in years.

GHR also contains a bit of hypothalamus…which is another crucial gland the endocrinologist had found to be low-functioning in Pam’s body.

The other ingredientts were all good, but those two are what solidified our decision to buy.

The ingredient list.

The ingredient list.

The Website

When shopping for supplements online, we consider even one flag to be enough to stop us cold when we’re thinking about buying. In the case of GHR, the exact opposite turned out to be true. Found at, the site is, in basketball terminology, “nothing but net”. It’s user friendly to navigate, covers all the bases, and gives the powerful impression of wanting to educate the reader, not just close the sale.

A few of the highlights from the site include:

    1. An excellent FAQ page. An excerpt from that page, showing possible benefits from the regular use of GHR, is posted below.

    2. Testimonials. Every sales site has those, many of which are flat-out fabricated, but these struck us as being most likely legitimate.

    3. A different recommendation for product usage. That is, it’s suggested that the consumer swallow 4 capsules once a day, just before bedtime, preferably on an empty stomach…for 5 days a week only, leaving two days of each week without any new GHR being introduced to the system.

Their explanation is that by skipping 2 days out of every 7, the body never gets the opportunity to become complacent–and will do much more to take advantage of the GHR when it is present.

This made total sense to us. “Finally,” we echoed to each other, “somebody gets it.”

Excerpt from the website FAQ page.

Excerpt from the website FAQ page.

Our Experience with GHR (To Date)

The company strongly urges the purchaser to stay on their GHR capsules for at least 3 months before passing judgment. This is not surprising to us; natural methods often gain steam much more slowly–but also have more lasting long term benefits–than do synthetic drugs.

However, we do have some changes to report already, after using GHR as recommended (4 pills at bedtime every weekday, none on the weekends) for something like seven weeks to date.

Pam: In many areas, it’s hard to be sure. For example, she quit smoking about the time she started on GHR. The fact that she’s doing well with that (smoking cessation) after a 42-year habit and a good dozen failed prior attempts–well, the GHR could be helping, or there could be no connection at all. The same goes for her increased energy. She’s more active now than before, but how much is due to the GHR and how much to the lack of poison in her system…who knows?

One remarkable change was verified today.

    1. Bone density. When my sweetheart got her dental implant surgery last June, there was a lot of money and even more pain involved. Worse, the bone in her mandibles was pretty much “holier than thou”. The dental staff said she had “plenty of good bone” to hold the implants, but I saw those x-rays, and I call B.S. It was a close thing. Major osteoporosis, gaping holes in the bone in some places.

    Today was Pam’s final checkup. She’s had the permanent teeth bolted down in her mouth since early December. She requested that they do another x-ray–which they don’t generally do, but her case was difficult and complicated, so they agreed.

    When Dr. Luis Keys came back in to the exam room where she was waiting in the chair, he was waving the film on high and grinning from ear to ear. “You’re going to like this!”

    She most certainly did. Pam judged the bone regrowth, stimulated by the titanium implants, to be right around 75% of all she’d lost over the years since having her teeth extracted in 1997. Dr. Keys said he’d “never seen that much regrowth happen so fast!”.

    There is absolutely zero doubt in my mind that the GHR had a great deal to do with that.

My case does not have me leaping tall buildings in a single bound yet, but I have observed the following:

    1. Strength. About three months back, I happened to discover that my strength level in the military press had gone to Hell in a hand basket. That lift had never been my strong suit, but at the age of 19, I could get 5 reps of a clean press of 125 pounds (on a good day). Imagine my freak-out when I realized that at age 69, just 7 reps of 50 measly pounds was my limit!

    I began lifting regularly that same day…but the dreaded plateau became my nemesis. By the time the GHR shipment arrived in the mail, I’d leveled off at an upper limit that could not seem to get beyond 20 reps. At least not consistently.

    Within a couple of weeks of taking GHR, the plateau just sort of…disappeared. Last night, I blasted through a previous high count of 52 to a full 62 reps. At this rate, I’ll be hitting that 100-rep mark before too long–and will be ready to move up to 60 pounds.

    2. Singing voice. That…had not been so good for the past year or more. We’ve all heard top professional singers “lose it” as they age. It was looking like the same thing was happening to me, lots of “gravel” in the voice. Pam was cringing, just having to listen to me sing around the house or in the car.

    Until today. We were on a run to Tucson when she informed me that my voice “seems to be coming back”. She was amazed and pleased at the same time.

    Well, yeah, me too. But I had to ask, “How long have you been noticing improvement?”

    She thought a bit. “Maybe two months.”

    “In other words…about the time I started taking GHR?”

    “Whoa! Yes!”

That’s all for the “testimonial” part of ths page…so far. There are other things I’m watching, waiting to see if I can tell our readers for sure there’s been improvement in this or that. But for now, this about covers our GHR experience to date.

My military press currently uses this pair of 25# dumbbells instead of a 50# barbell, simply because I built the

My military press currently uses this pair of 25# dumbbells instead of a 50# barbell, simply because I built the

My military press currently uses this pair of 25# dumbbells instead of a 50# barbell, simply because I built the Border Fort's ceilings so low that barbell weights would "slam wood" on the upstroke.

My military press currently uses this pair of 25# dumbbells instead of a 50# barbell, simply because I built the Border Fort’s ceilings so low that barbell weights would “slam wood” on the upstroke.

The Rating

Looking at the several human growth hormone releaser products currently sold on Amazon, I have to say that GHR is the only one I’d consider.

There’s one called GHR 1000 and another dubbed Ultimate GHR, but neither of them passes muster. The websites for these products aren’t anything to brag about, the ingredients do not include either anterior pituitary or hypothalamus, and quite frankly, neither Pam nor I would touch either one with a ten foot stick.

RATING for GHR: Five Stars, A+…with two caveats:

1. GHR is definitely doing good things for Pam and me–but that doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to work for you. Each of us is different, no matter what the sales types say. The only way to know for sure is to try it…if the idea of doing so trips your trigger.

2. Pricing is not terribly cheap. GHR monthly cost is pretty much midrange for the supplement market ($40 to $47 per month per person, depending on how much you buy at one time).

What’s In It For Me

When reading any product review, it’s always a good idea to ask yourself, “Okay, does this reviewer dude have an axe to grind? Does he get paid to write this, or a kickback, or something?”

So I’ll answer before you can get around to asking, as follows:

I am not affiliated with GHR or Global Health Products or in any capacity, official or othwerwise–except as a customer. They do know I bought 12 bottles of product from them a couple of months ago, but that’s it.

Common Sense Buying Decisions

If you decide to try GHR, or even investigate it more deeply, I’d recommend you take a look at both Amazon and

Why both?

Just this:

The website ( is the source site for GHR, as close to the company as you can get. If you’re going to buy 6 or 12 bottles at a time, they’ll give you a bit of a discount.

However, that site is more expensive than Amazon if you want 5 bottles or less–and they won’t even let you do a 1-bottle purchase. It’s 3 bottles, 6 bottles, 12 bottles, or go fish. Or go to Amazon.

We’ll try to keep you posted as the months pass. Not regularly, perhaps–but the moment I’m capable of leaping a tall building in a single bound, we’ll certainly let you know.

Update: October 11, 2013. I’m moving all of my published articles from HubPages (where I wrote for nearly six years) to this site (Ghost32writer, which I own) and might as well give our readers an update as follows.

1. Both Pam and I continue to take GHR as directed, 4 capsules a day, 5 days a week.

2. I eventually stopped my military press weight lifting program because of a crepitation problem in my left shoulder. There was no pain, muscle and tendon strength were continuing to increase, but apparently my early years of professional rodeo riding (saddle broncs and bulls) snuck in a bit of damage there. Overdoing it with the weights seemed unwise, so I quit–but had by that time gotten my rep count up over 100 in 3 sets. Just now (for the purposes of this update), after months of “no military press lifting”, I checked the weights out again. Fifty pounds felt easy; there’s no doubt my strength in that area is holding, even without further lifting.

3. Pam’s had a lot of medical challenges, as she has every year…yet just minutes ago, she popped in (to the office) to happily inform me that she seems to be getting her youthful voice back. Not “little girl” sound, of course, but not “old gravel”, either. I noticed that her enunciation was better than it had been for some time.

4. My hearing seems to be improved. In December of 2010, a bit of carelessness when target shooting resulted in serious damage in both ears. You know what it sounds like when you crank up a stereo too high and blow the speakers? That’s what everything and everybody (including my own voice) suddenly sounded like. That damage did partially heal, but there was still, nearly three years later, still a “tinny edge” around every voice, and you’d have to speak slowly if you wanted me to catch the words. There’s been no discernible change for the past year or more…but yesterday, listening to music on the radio while driving, I could suddenly understand the lyrics.

Bottom line: We can’t “prove” GHR had anything to do with all that…but you can bet your bottom dollar we’re continuing to take it for the foreseeable future.

UPDATE: October 8, 2014.

I’ve quit using GHR. Again, we can’t prove GHR had anything to do with it, but after experiencing about a year and a half’s worth of unusually swollen lymph nodes in various body locations–mostly down both sides of the neck to the collar bone but also in both armpits and some in the groin area–it occurred to me that one or more of the ingredients in the product–particularly anterior pituitary from porcine sources and also hypothalamus–could be contributing to the problem. That is, these gland extracts could well have been “over-hyping” my own glands, one known symptom of which is excess lymph production.

My wife still takes GHR on occasion and has no lymph node swelling that we’ve noted, but her glands are pretty exhausted in general.

Bottom line: I concluded that while GHR really may have some truly beneficial results, it may also have produce some unpredictable negative results if taken long term by a person in good health at the beginning.

27 thoughts on “GHR (Growth Hormone Releaser) by Global Health Products of Carson City, Nevada: Product Review

  1. I’ll have to look into this, Ghost. I particularly like the loss in body fat aspect. Thanx!

    P.S. Glad to hear you and Pam are doing well!

  2. That’s good to hear, Sha. Scared Pam yesterday–she thought we were out of GHR. But the box still has several bottles left on hand, which is good. We take so many supplements, and try to buy enough ahead, that I really ought to take her suggestion and put this one particular (temporarily empty) tall cabinet to use housing all those many, many bottles….

    Thanks for the good wishes, too.

    I should be completely out of HP by some time tonight. Hope to get back to writing new material as soon as I can recover from the push it’s taken to “clean out” 1,576 pages from there.:)

  3. Bernard, what are you talking about? This is not a sales site, and this page is simply a review by a user of the product. If you’re interested in learning more, all you need to do is Google it; there’s plenty of information online.

    P.S. The product is GHR (growth hormone releaser) but not HGH (human growth hormone).

  4. Thank you for this review. I went to my chiropractor and he did a muscle test to determine what I needed and GHR was one of the recommendations. I naturally did a google search and came across your review and I appreciate the honesty. I’m excited to get started and see my own results!

  5. Glad you liked the review, Michelle. Muscle testing can be extremely accurate if the practitioner is skilled at it.

    Latest note: My skin seems to be improving. At least, it seems like there are slightly fewer old man wrinkles now that I’m 70 than there were when I was 69. Can’t say for sure how much the GHR has to do with that, though, ’cause I also quit drinking soda (Dr. Pepper specifically) about 6 months back, and the high fructose corn syrup reportedly speeds up the wrinkling process considerably.

    Or I could be fantasizing. Wrinkle counting is not exactly a precise science in our house. 🙂

  6. Hi, me again I was looking at your other reviewed products and before I purchase the product wanted to check that I have found the correct GHR on Amazon. Is it produced by This one contains porcine and hypothalamus. Many thanks, Adriana

  7. Yes, that’s the one. Caveat: A couple of months ago, after more than a year of trying to figure out why my lymph glands were over-producing and leaving me with swollen glands all down the right side of my neck, in the armpits, and a few other places, I decided to quit using the product. The hypothalamus in the GHR could, I thought, have been the culprit, encouraging my already normal (at a guess) hypothalamus to speed up lymph production..

    Not certain if it was or not, but only just recently has the gland problem come fully under control through the application of a massage wand to the side of my neck (and other needed spots) for 15 minutes a day.

  8. Thank you for your reply. I will give this product a try but if I notice any sign of swollen glands (which I suffer from at least once a month) I will abandon ship! Have you found a GHR product which does not have this unfortunate side effect but still contains the porcine and thalamus ingredients? (I do suffer with swollen glands as it is)
    I hope you are feeling much better now?
    kind regards,

  9. Adriana, I haven’t looked for any other GHR product. It’s occurred to me that my body’s doing all right without it–so far, anyway. As for “feeling much better”, there never was any pain or significant discomfort with my swollen glands unless I poked at them; they just looked ugly and concerned me as a clear symptom that something was not in balance. At the moment (for the first time in more than a year of experimenting with different ways of “flattening the glands”), they are not that far from being back to normal.

    This is 100% due to a wand massager I bought a while back. I’ve been massaging the affected area(s) for 15 minutes a night. That seems to be doing the trick.

  10. I wish to have more information about GHR Product.
    The ingredients of GHR have animal product?
    Thank yoiu!

  11. Yes, GHR does contain animal product. It states right on the label, “…Anterior Pituitary, porcine source.” Porcine meaning “from pigs”.

  12. I noticed that you did not state the amounts of each ingredient in the BIE GHR. I have been trying to find what makes BIE’s GHR different or better than other GHRs. Some other companies list the ingredients and their amounts on the bottle. BIE’s website fails to show this on their website. So far it seems that producers of GHR use amino acids & their amounts are important. I think that perhaps your swollen glands could indicate an autoimmune attack against the GHR, which may further indicate that the dose level is too much for you. I just spoke with a BIE rep who told me that one capsule a night should be enough…this differs from what you said. Also since I have autoimmune endocrine problems, I would want to avoid foreign (pig or cow) pituitary. I used to take premarin (horse estrogen) and it made me deathly ill. The positive thing I took was licorice root herb for a short period and the herb, which is a precursor to cortisol and maybe cortisone, was helpful. My adrenals were insufficient and my body used the root to produce the cortisone I needed to bring down the inflammation provoked by the premarin. I am wary about taking anything with animal hormones.

  13. Thanks for commenting, Elizabeth. Good info there, and much appreciated.

    You also have a good point about the amounts of each ingredient. Frankly, I have no idea what those amounts might be–and since I’ve lost interest in ever using the GHR again, I probably won’t get around to digging deeply enough to figure it out, either.

    My wife did okay on premarin for a while, but she’s not used any in more than a decade now.

  14. I appreciated the fact that I could find the ingredients of GHR on your website. I am still interested in it because I would like to see if GHR has a substantial and positive impact on memory. I would like to improve memory and brain health. For example I read that cannabadiol (not marijuana with hallucinogens) reduces inflammation in the brain and elsewhere which is one reason why it is helpful with pain and also does not harm kidneys. Because of its anti-inflammatory effects, cannabadilol is said to improve memory. Some companies produce pure cannabadiol without any hallucinogen from hemp oil. It is very costly. Thank you for your info.

  15. I appreciate your comments. I used GHR for a short period with lags in between bottles. The first thing was that i got complemented a how “young i looked” after three weeks of using the product.However i was unable to fall asleep a easily as i used . I stopped taking the product for than a year. I recently started using it again , happy to read your comments.I have reduced the dosage to two tablets instead of four. I fall asleep easier. I am on my first bottle again. I will continue to monitor my body”s reaction to it. And thanks for your postings.

  16. I’m trying to find out if GHR has a return policy if you’re unhappy with the product? I have 2 ½ bottles left from a few years ago and I need to make room on my shelves.
    Do you know? And whom would I contact?

  17. Elizabeth and Adelaide: I have to apologize for not responding to your comments in any sort of timely fashion–they never flagged my attention for some unknown reason–but please do know that both comments are much appreciated.
    Inge, I tried researching this for you but drew a blank. We discarded our last bottle of GHR some time ago and I was unable to pin down the company through my online searches. It makes me wonder if they’re even in business as of this date (12/14/2015), although readers who’ve purchased as recently as September do point in that direction. I, on the other hand, am not even having any luck finding any contact data whatsoever.

    That said, you’re a more determined individual than I am. I can’t remember ever trying to return any product after having had it in my possession for a “few years”. If they did have a return policy that would cover that length of time, I’d be quite surprised.

    I need to make room on our shelves, too, but plan to use the trash can for that.

  18. This product is intriguing. Thank you for all your homework and field testing which you and your wife did. It is more reassuring to read another person’s experiences with a product rather than a company-directed hype report. I do believe this may be of value to me. Thanks again

  19. Thanks for commenting, Russ. One more update: I’m still not planning on taking GHR again, but I don’t suspect it’s possible involvement in my swollen lymph node challenge quite as much as I did, either. Finally figured out the most likely #1 culprit was…coffee toxins. For several years, I was drinking close to half a gallon of coffee a day, and it turns out that coffee has more nasty toxins in it than just about anything else we put in our bodies.

    Haven’t gotten rid of all those toxins yet, but am making progress.

  20. Looks like the answer is no, Cheryl. Formerly, it could easily be located with a simple Google search, but I just checked (as you no doubt did) and the company seems to have vanished without a trace. I suspect they’re no longer in business.


  22. I need to contactc you, and don;t have your telephone number.- I have to re-order. I’m a costumer of yours for a long, long, time.- My telephone 310-275-3201. thank you

  23. Note to our readers: I did call Ricardo to give him the phone number, 1-877-849-4777, for GHR–which, thankfully, Denise had provided in a comment just two above those left by Ricardo. I am in no way connected with GHR but did feel connected with a reader in distress, so…:)

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