What Having Your “Substandard” Health Insurance Policy Forcibly Cancelled Due To Obamacare Regulations REALLY Means


Countless U.S. citizens have already received cancellation notices, proving that your existing health insurance policy provided substandard coverage and must be replaced. When President Obama promised over and over again that you could keep your present policy under the Affordable Care Act, he lied–and has recently admitted as much, though he did utilize a rather long paragraph in order to avoid uttering those two simple, devastating words: “I lied.”

If you Google “Obamacare horror stories”, 34,500,000 results pop up, though a good portion of those results are efforts by supporters of nationalized healthcare to “debunk” the grim tales popping up across the land.

One of those self appointed debunkers wrote an article that caught my eye…and, in the end, inspired this post.

His approach took the view that “substandard” coverage must be avoided at all costs. A woman whose policy had been cancelled was highly and understandably upset. She made news. The liberal blogger called her, “investigated”, and “proved” that she had not been harmed at all by the great and wondrous machinations of the Act. In fact, she had been helped. Her existing policy had been “the very definition of substandard”, lacking any coverage for 26 year old children or preventive office visits and lab tests. Therefore, it was a good thing that the carrier she’d worked with comfortably for some time had been scuttled; she needed to upgrade.

Never mind that the upgrade would cost her more than she could afford or that she’d been perfectly happy with the now demolished policy. She was an idiot child, you see. Normal, stupid citizens simply don’t know what’s good for them and must be hammered firmly into nice, square holes, no matter how round their individual forms may be.

Those who would shove their interpretations of “adequate health insurance plans” down your throats at monstrous expense to both your liberty and your wallet are quick to point out that a substandard policy is like the photo at the top of this page: Nothing but hot, arid, windswept sandstone, perhaps pretty to look at under the blazing noonday sun (if you like deserts) but entirely incapable of supporting human life.

I’ll tell you where that photo was taken a bit later, but first, let’s talk about that word, “substandard”.

Substandard (definition): (Merriam-Webster dictionary)

    a : of a quality lower than that prescribed by law

    b : conforming to a pattern of linguistic usage existing within a speech community but not that of the prestige group in that community

    c : constituting a greater than normal risk to an insurer

Ah! “…of a quality lower than that prescribed by law….” That sums it up, right there. Barack Hussein Obama and his left wing cronies in Congress rammed the law now known as the Affordable Care Act up America’s…uh, somewhere. There’s nothing magic about it, nothing spiritually superior, not even anything illustrating the application of a modicum of common sense. In fact, the socialist minded among us simply decided to force every American into submission, and they pulled every dirty trick in the book to make the law happen.

However, the proponents of the law would rather We the People as a whole did not truly understand that. We might rebel in force, meaning enough numbers at the ballot box or enough numbers refusing to sign up for Obamacare to scuttle the law entirely.

Enter the VD, the Vocabulary Directive, the deliberate obfuscation of the dictionary meaning of the word “substandard”.

How to redirect the public’s understanding of that term? Why, by use of the MST, the Magic Synonym Trick. Some of the synonyms for “substandard” include the following, gleaned from first page Google search results:

    Synonyms for “substandard”: inferior, second-rate, low-quality, poor, below par, subpar, imperfect, faulty, defective, shoddy, shabby, unsound, unsatisfactory, third rate, informal, crummy, lousy, not up to scratch/snuff, rinky-dink, low rent

Okay, let’s pick one…crummy. Let’s convince you, your neighbor, and the rest of America that your existing health insurance policy (before it was arbitrarily cancelled) didn’t simply fail to meet the dictatorial parameters laid out in Obamacare. Oh no! It was not only illegal; it was really, really crummy.

We can’t let you go around with a crummy policy, now can we? What sort of protectors of the feeble minded would that make us out to be?

No, we progressives (they feel and say) must protect you immature, worthless sacks of suet from your own paltry selves.

So…you’ve been done a favor, losing your existing policy?

In government speak, absolutely. We’re from the government, and we’re here to help. We’re here to help lock you into, if not literal slavery, at least serfdom, where you have no money left over at the end of the month (after paying your insurance premium) to spend on frivolous things like savings, firearms, bullets, real estate, food, clothing, shelter, or political donations to conservative politicians who may see through both the Democratic and Republican parties.

What? You don’t believe it’s possible to pull the wool over your eyes that way?

Well, maybe it’s not. Maybe your vision is as clear as clear can be, eyes of an eagle, brain of an Einstein, character of an Abraham Lincoln. But we humans get fooled all the time, like it or not. I’ll bet even I could fool you a little bit, little old me with a one page post like this one.

Remember when I said I’d tell you where that desert photo (top of page) was taken?

Good. I was just checking your memory. Alzheimer’s sets in early with some people.

Now, where was I?

Oh, yeah. That windswept sandstone photo. It was taken yesterday inside the Golden Dragon Café in Sierra Vista, Arizona. That bleak vista you see up there is not a picture of a desert at all, but simply a snapshot of a portion of the table top in the booth where I was having chicken fried rice for lunch.

But you knew that, of course, just like you knew what “substandard” really meant from the beginning.

The table top design where I was having lunch reminded me of a burning, arid desert....

The table top design where I was having lunch reminded me of a burning, arid desert….




2 thoughts on “What Having Your “Substandard” Health Insurance Policy Forcibly Cancelled Due To Obamacare Regulations REALLY Means

  1. I didn’t see the picture of the tabletop until I got to the bottom. Other than that, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I am totally against Obamacare, not because I don;t want to pay the extra for insurance, but because I have already seen Drs. retiring because they cannot afford to continue operations with the cut they are getting.
    I figured that the price would be higher than the poor could afford, even with the government helping. I remember times when we did not have an extra $10 a month, let alone $100 extra to pay for insurance. Back then, we were doing good to keep feeding ourselves and our children.
    The poor cannot afford this any more than we could back then. The rest of the country cannot afford to help pay either.
    I know a woman that said if Obama lost, she would have to go out of retirement and go back to work. I wonder if she has gone back to work yet?

  2. Most likely (I’m guessing), you didn’t see the top photo early on because you simply know my writing so well…and your eye slid right over the line that says, “…a substandard policy is like the photo at the top of the page….”. However, rereading it with a careful eye (because I know the value of your input so well), I’m rewording that to read, “…the photo at the top of THIS (no caps) page….”. It’s quite possible that a new reader (for whom, after all, the post is designed) might quite logically conclude I was referring to a photo at the top of an insurance policy’s page–even though I’ve yet to see one of those.

    I completely agree when it comes to having a lot of month left at the end of the money. For the majority of my working years, as well as into retirement until we lucked out with the oil royalties, that’s how it was for me and mine as well. I worked in the so called “day job” work force for approximately 42 years (counting college, since I had at least a part time job for most of those years, too), and financial times were hardcore hard for right around 37 of them. Even the $80,000 per year trucking job in Colorado did not get us much ahead; with Pam’s needs and the cost of housing in a drilling boom town, it was still touch and go from paycheck to paycheck.

    It does continue to amaze me some that so many people believed (and despite reality smacking them in the face, continue to believe) that electing Obama meant better economic times for the average American household than the alternative. I keep watching Rasmussen’s daily poll trend on the President’s approval ratings, waiting to see if each new negative revelation will finally sink the percentage of folks who “Strongly Approve” of his job performance to a new record low (below 19%)–but so far, that’s never happened. I’m no longer certain that it ever will. Apparently, reality can only sink in where individuals are capable of accepting reality. In the land of the Obamafied, denial is King.

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