Rollout As Summarized Through Facebook Comments


‘Twas the day before Thanksgiving, and Facebook comments on the Facebook page summarized the Obamacare rollout…or did they? Before coming to any conclusions, it might be best to mention a few caveats, to wit:

    1. People who refuse to have anything whatsoever to do with the Affordable Care Act are not likely to be posting on that site, so the comment samples are most certainly skewed.

    2. Since it’s an official government site designed to help the administration sell Obamacare to the public, there are undoubtedly a number of government shills having their say.

    3. Some comments on the site have remarked that negative (anti-Obamacare) comments seem to mysteriously disappear a lot. I’ve not reviewed the Facebook page on any sort of regular basis and thus cannot say for certain if that’s true or not.

With that said, let’s take a look at a few of the fairly typical comments from the page. I spent several hours, scrolling and reading. Pro-Obamacare comments are not shown in the screen shots here–after all, I detest Obamacare with a purple passion, so why would I promote those?

Wait a sec. Some of those will be mentioned a bit later, but only the Amy Williams effort to promote multiple email accounts….

Tool Shed FInch Facebook 032

Mary Lou’s post points out one of the key elements of Obamacare: It’s a redistribution scheme, pure and simple. I spent twelve years as a commercial insurance underwriter. As a new trainee in the industry, one of the first courses my boss put me through was a primer on the origin and function of insurance. Wikipedia has this to say about that:

…The (insurance) market began in Lloyd’s Coffee House, opened by Edward Lloyd in around 1688 in Tower Street, London. This establishment was a popular place for sailors, merchants, and ship owners, and Lloyd catered to them with reliable shipping news. The shipping industry community frequented the place to discuss deals among themselves, including insurance….

The way it worked was this: John Ship Owner would go to the wealthy men hanging out at Lloyd’s. “I’ve got the good ship Lollipop heading over to the Americas,” he would say, “scheduled to bring back a load of the finest tobacco leaf. But the value of the shipment scares me some; would any of you noble fellows care to take on part of the risk?”

Knowledgeable about marine matters, the underwriters would speak up. Henry figured he could handle 20% of the total risk, Thomas took 15%, and it went from there until they had 100% of the cargo covered. The ship was the owner’s problem, but if it did go down in an Atlantic storm or get taken by pirates or whatever, the price of the precious tobacco would be reimbursed by the underwriters.

A few key points here:

    1. Insurance was all about spreading risk.

    2. Those putting their fortunes on the line to protect the ship owner against major cargo loss knew exactly what they were facing and participated voluntarily.

    3. Premium was calculated by knowledgeable people and paid willingly by ship owners who knew they were getting the best deal possible, the most bang for the buck.

Clearly, this is not what Obamacare is all about. It’s not about voluntary participation in order to spread risk. It’s about forced participation to steal Mary Lou’s son’s money to pay for someone else’s pregnancy.

Socialist style redistribution of wealth and nothing else.

Tool Shed FInch Facebook 033

This one personifies the seemingly endless frustration encountered by a whole lot of those who’ve attempted to get signed up through the federal exchange.

But wait. It gets worse.

Tool Shed FInch Facebook 034

Let’s see, here we have (a) people sending hard copies of their driver’s licenses through snail mail, (b) problems with income verification, and (c) a recommendation (by a user, no less) to “open another account”.

Wow. For sure, nothing could go wrong with any of that. No crook could ever possibly get hold of your snail mailed driver’s license, for starters…but let’s jump down to that “open another account” item. Surely, hardly anyone would think that would be a good idea, leaving multiple accounts floating around out there with all your “private” (Hah!) data on it…would they?

Tool Shed FInch Facebook 035

Okay, in this one (above), Amy Williams is still touting the concept of setting up a new account, but Heather Northrop Tucker makes it clear she considers that to be B.S. (which it is). Of course, Heather’s a bit testy, having been accused of being institutionalized, either a nutcase or a felon, take your pick. I do believe I’d be a touch testy, too….

Hm. Anybody else notice that it seems to be primarily women trying to deal with, or at least primarily women commenting? I did notice a handful of male pro-Obamacare trolls out there, federal employees no doubt, shilling for the boss and claiming great results for lots of people. It’s not hard to identify a troll, though, especially when he claims ridiculously low monthly premiums for people not on Medicaid.

Wait a sec. Here’s Amy Williams again (next screenshot), still pushing the idea of setting up new (multiple) accounts. Bet you a dollar to a donut hole, she’s a pro-Obamacare troll. “…It went like a breeze the second time,” she says.

Yeah, right.

Tool Shed FInch Facebook 036

Yep. Just down the page a bit, here she is again, AMAP, Amy the Multiple Account Promoter.

Tool Shed FInch Facebook 037

Ah, but at least Helen Susan Tosti had the sense to sign up with LifeLock. You go, girl. (Don’t get me wrong; I’m not a LifeLock fan, either.)

Tool Shed FInch Facebook 037 (2)

Aha! A male commenter! Eli defines insanity (below).

Tool Shed FInch Facebook 038

Most of the comments speak for themselves, so we’ll just add a few more screenshots….

Tool Shed FInch Facebook 038 (2)

Tool Shed FInch Facebook 039

Tool Shed FInch Facebook 040

Tool Shed FInch Facebook 041

Tool Shed FInch Facebook 042

Tool Shed FInch Facebook 044

Tool Shed FInch Facebook 045

Tool Shed FInch Facebook 047

Tool Shed FInch Facebook 048

Tool Shed FInch Facebook 049 (3)

Tool Shed FInch Facebook 050

The screen shots on this page were gleaned from fewer than 200 of the 2,000 comments available for viewing on Facebook a couple of days ago. The “Affordable Car Act” (shown in the two photos immediately above) seemed like a good stopping point, though there’s much more of the same available–and that’s just on the government’s own Facebook page.

We’ll close with just one more image. Dorie Leland sums it up rather well.

Tool Shed FInch Facebook 052




8 thoughts on “ Rollout As Summarized Through Facebook Comments

  1. This is so illuminating. As usual, the government is trying to do something that they have no inkling of how to accomplish. The one in charge of this should be tried for fraud.

  2. It is rather illuminating at that. Of course, the fraud starts at the top, meaning the Oval Office in this case.

    I received an email today from a dear friend in Utah–used to live in California but wisely got out of there a few years back. A careful reading of the email she forwarded was enough to convince me the horror story detailed there (in the email she forwarded) is false, the sort of scare tactic from our side that gives the rational among us a bad name. Supposedly, the fellow started to sign up, found out that the Plans were definitely not affordable (so far, so good–accurate enough)…but when he decided to “opt out”, he got an email informing him what his penalty would be and what horrors he would face if said penalty were not promptly paid.

    None of which made any sense. Not even the IRS is likely to go around “projecting” penalty figures until the taxpayer’s return for 2014 (not 2013) is filed. Beyond that, the Gestapo collection tactics described (including losing your driver’s license and having federal liens placed on your property) are not authorized in the Act per se (though I suppose the thousands of regulations could well have added some without bothering to worry about legality).

    Not that this sort of email is any surprise. My friend, dear as she is, has always been a sucker for any anti-Left story ever told. No filter there; just pass it on. Which one could wish she would not do–the bare facts, without inflation, are more than enough–but she’s closing in on 80 years of age now and not likely to suddenly develop a mental screening filter. 🙂

  3. Ghost, these stories are terrible. How in the world will the government make it up to the folks who have been faithfully trying to comply with the new order? Or will they be subjected to further extortion because their names are now known to those who don’t want their incompetence advertised?

  4. Jim, the stories are definitely terrible. I don’t see it likely that the government will make up to these folks AT ALL; that doesn’t seem to be the name of their game.

    Will they be subjected to further extortion? Quite possibly. As you know, there’s no limit to what the government (any government that’s been allowed to run amok like this one) will do until enough individuals stand up and say, “Enough!”.

    The worst thing about these stories is that I didn’t cherry pick them. I did cull out most of the obvious government trolls, but every single screen shot I took (and I went straight down the page) had at least one (and often two, sometimes three) stories like these.

    The most disturbing thing of all, to me at least, is that on the Rasmussen poll, which I watch, Obama’s approval ratings continue to hang in there. Fox News crows about how his ratings are in the dumpster, but according to Rasmussen, not nearly enough people are “getting it”. Whether the liberal public at large will finally reach the breaking point and fully realize what he’s done to them along with the rest of us, I still don’t know.

    If they worm does turn, if they do eventually move past shock into action oriented fury, maybe something can still be done–but, sadly enough, I’m not holding my breath.

  5. I have reading and commenting on for about a month. It is true that dissenters are blocked by the admin while vehement supporters seem to be vulgar and nasty to no end and survive the censors. Rarely will leave a robo script comment suggesting to a desperate person that they call the 800 number for help. Censorship is alive and well at

  6. Thanks, Mary. It helps to hear from someone like you who has been monitoring the site regularly.

    Fox News cited, just today, at least one woman who’s experienced the next level of suffering. They gave her name, though I didn’t make a note of it. She was in the middle of chemotherapy, went in for her next treatment, and her doctor had the grim task of informing her she had no insurance. Her policy had been cancelled.

    They didn’t say whether or not she got the treatment, but if she did, she’ll be on the line to pay for it out of her own pocket. Since few of us have pockets deep enough to cover that in any reasonable amount of time, she’ll likely be buried alive financially even if she does survive physically., horrifying as it is…”the tip of the iceberg” is being overused. I wish I could come up with a more potent analogy. This is far worse than a “mere” iceberg.

  7. I hope that you will revisit and continue to comment on The train wreck continues. Buzzfeed also did an article about the sorts of misery found on the site. Too many are being sacrificed. Obama seems pathetically out of touch with the havoc he has forced upon America with his signature legislation.

  8. Mary, I’d be more than willing to comment, even regularly, on–but also believe that would be a relatively ineffective use of my time. That is, lots of people are already commenting there; in a sense, that site “is what it is”, and as we agree, it’s heavily censored. I’m certain I can have a greater impact for good, or at least have a greater chance at having that impact, by investing that time in building up this page, which is on a site I own, lock, stock, and barrel. No one can censor us here–except for me; if the libs begin spewing hate on this page, then I can and will moderate that to keep things on an even keel (so that people like you can feel comfortable speaking their minds here).

    With that said, I’d like to make a counter suggestion: If instead of me contributing to, it could end up being highly helpful if you would continue commenting here–as sort of a liaison between the sufferers on and this site.

    To explain a bit further as to why I see it that way:

    1. I’ve been writing online for six years now, and at 70 years of age have established a bit of a brand for myself. Google likes my work; a fair number of my posts are highly ranked in search results.

    2. The public at large is hearing quite a bit about’s Facebook page as it is. Many of those folks will hit the search engines to see if there’s anything else out there to review before they make a move–or after, if they’re as disappointed and/or disgusted with as we know they are and will continue to be.

    3. On ongoing dialogue between a sharp observer and the author of a post (such as you and I have begun here) can power a page to #1 Google ranking or close to it. I know this from experience. My friend Red Elk, a Metis medicine man from Washington State, found my post titled How To Build a Survival Cabin on a Shoestring Budget, in 2009. He began commenting, leaving survival tips of his own in the comments. Within a couple of months, despite the fact that his typing and grammar made the posts uniquely difficult to comprehend at times, our dialogue super-powered my “cabin page” to the very top. It became my #1 piece of Internet writing for years and the first to top 100,000 views.

    When I left the site where I’d been writing this past October and moved that page to this site, I had to jettison more than 800 comments. For a while, the page sank in the ratings in its new home, but it’s back up to page 2 on Google now, even if you just search for “survival cabin”–and the struggle is understandable, because dozens of newer posts had copied my work, even to the extent of using “Shoestring Budget” in the title.

    But enough about that. The point is, we have a better chance of reaching more people with this message of healthcare horror by beefing up a second page (this one) than we would by trying to hammer a stacked deck at

    Just saying.

    Also, not for you so much, Mary, but for our other readers: My pitch for comments does not have any ulterior motives whatsoever. You may have noticed that there is not a single advertisement on this page–and in fact there is not a single ad on ANY page on this site.

    Nor is my concern for me or my family personally. My wife and I carry no healthcare insurance whatsoever. We pay our own way, day by day, even though Pam is deeply disabled on a number of fronts and that does get to be a challenge at times. We will never sign up for Obamacare, penalties or no penalties. We will never even sign up for Medicare. That’s by choice, and yes, I do have a post (in the Medical Index) stating our reasons for doing it that way.

    But that doesn’t mean we’re not concerned about the healthcare available to the rest of the nation. We are, in fact, very concerned indeed.
    Reckon that’s a long enough spiel for now, Mary. Back to you. 🙂

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