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Okay, so it’s really a hybrid, Table of Contents and Index combined. First, Grunt. Second, Happy Bleeping Birthday to Me. Third, Ptolia. Fourth, The Rimlanders. Fifth, The Seeder.

1. Grunt, Chapter 1: Fort Steel LINK

2. Grunt, Chapter 2: Ay, Wutsup, Doc LINK

3. Grunt, Chapter 3: Capriosi vilify LINK

4. Grunt, Chapter 4: Decision at Trickle Creek LINK

5. Grunt, Chapter 5: Peg Legged Pole Vaulter LINK

6. Grunt, Chapter 6: Graveyard Mesa LINK

7. Grunt, Chapter 7: The Healer LINK

8. Grunt, Chapter 8: The Onandaga Files LINK

9. Grunt, Chapter 9: Fear Trace LINK

10. Grunt, Chapter 10: Fort 24 LINK

11. Grunt, Chapter 11: The Blasovich Theory LINK

12. Grunt, Chapter 12: The Rules of 24 LINK

13. Grunt, Chapter 13: Why 24? LINK

14. Grunt, Chapter 14: Armed, Dangerous, and Crazy LINK

15. Grunt, Chapter 15: Field Trip LINK

16. Grunt, Chapter 16: Extreme Prejudice LINK

17. Grunt, Chapter 17: Exploding Snow

18. Grunt, Chapter 18: Strike Three LINK

19. Grunt, Chapter 19: Fortune Favors the Bold LINK

20. Grunt, Chapter 20: A Lesson in Current Affairs LINK

21. Grunt, Chapter 21: The Trail to Weeping Widow Waterfall LINK

22. Grunt, Chapter 22: Too Much Light LINK

23. Grunt, Chapter 23: Whiteout LINK

24. Grunt, Chapter 24: Bear Den Mine LINK

25. Grunt, Chapter 25: Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego LINK

26. Grunt, Chapter 26: The Eagle Clan LINK

27. Grunt, Chapter 27: Red Horse LINK

28. Grunt, Chapter 28: An Apple a Day Gives Me a Gut Ache LINK

29. Grunt, Chapter 29: The Rhubarb War LINK

30. Grunt, Chapter 30: A Man With Vision LINK

31. Grunt, Chapter 31: Coyote Justice LINK

32. Grunt, Chapter 32: Cold Ass Creek LINK

33. Grunt, Chapter 33: The Council of Prominent Personages LINK

34. Grunt, Chapter 34: Beastward Ho! LINK

35. Grunt, Chapter 35: Winnow LINK

36. Grunt, Chapter 36: The Unknown Mummy Soldier LINK

37. Grunt, Chapter 37: Wild Bill Carrington LINK

38. Grunt, Chapter 38: Abandon Ship LINK

39. Grunt, Chapter 39: A Voice from the Past LINK

40. Grunt, Chapter 40: The Fifth Door LINK

41. Grunt, Chapter 41: First Night Out LINK

42. Grunt, Chapter 42: The Roost LINK

43. Grunt, Chapter 43: Midnight Requisition LINK

44. Grunt, Chapter 44: Scramble LINK

45. Grunt, Chapter 45: Pursuit LINK

46. Grunt, Chapter 46: Twisted Trail LINK

47. Grunt, Chapter 47: Welcome Home, Honey LINK

48. Grunt, Chapter 48: Spring Thaw LINK

49. Grunt, Chapter 49: Smith Mountain LINK

50. Grunt, Chapter 50: Harsh Realities LINK

51. Grunt, Chapter 51: Coal Into Diamond LINK

52. Grunt, Chapter 52: Punch a Bull LINK

53. Grunt, Chapter 53: Swan Song LINK

54. Grunt, Chapter 54: Broad Shoulders LINK

55. Grunt, Chapter 55: Black and White and Red All Over LINK

56. Grunt, Chapter 56: The Three Eyed Assassin LINK

57. Grunt, Chapter 57: Wild Bill Hillock LINK

58. Grunt, Chapter 58: Blood on the Grass LINK

59. Grunt, Chapter 59: The Road to Royalty LINK

60. Grunt, Chapter 60: Salt LINK

61. Grunt, Chapter 61: The Burn LINK

62. Grunt, Chapter 62: The MAP LINK

63. Grunt, Chapter 63: The Razor’s Edge LINK

64. Grunt, Chapter 64: Homecoming LINK

65. Grunt, Chapter 65: Wagons West LINK

66. Grunt, Chapter 66: Escape from New York LINK

67. Grunt, Chapter 67: The Jagged Teardrop LINK>

68. Grunt, Chapter 68: Revenge of the Rabbi LINK

69. Grunt, Chapter 69: Christmas Horse LINK

70, Grunt, Chapter 70: The Silver Tongued Devil LINK

71. Grunt, Chapter 71: Hunger Moon LINK

72. Grunt, Chapter 72: General Winter’s War LINK

73. Grunt, Chapter 73: Rescue on the Roil LINK

74. Grunt, Chapter 74: The OrgaMins LINK

75. Grunt, Chapter 75: The Impossible Bridge LINK

76. Grunt, Chapter 76: The Politician’s Rendezvous Initiative LINK

77. Grunt, Chapter 77: Pop Goes the Weasel LINK

78. Grunt, Chapter 78: Bright Spirit in a Blizzard LINK

79. Grunt, Chapter 79: The Conqueror and the Jew LINK

80. Grunt, Chapter 80: The Invisible Man LINK

81. Grunt, Chapter 81: The Pot-Bellied Stork LINK

82. Grunt, Chapter 82: A Tale of Two Virgins LINK

83. Grunt, Chapter 83: Two Virgins Become Four LINK

84. Grunt, Chapter 84: A Sitting Duck in Her Sights LINK

85. Grunt, Chapter 85: The Hanging Judge is Born LINK

86. Grunt, Chapter 86: When a Plan Comes Together LINK

87. Grunt, Chapter 87: To Each His Own LINK

88. Grunt, Chapter 88: You Can’t Fix Stupid LINK

89. Grunt, Chapter 89: Ruthlessness Born LINK

90. Grunt, Chapter 90: Trickle Down Waranomics LINK

91. Grunt, Chapter 91: The Demon Syndrome LINK

92. Grunt, Chapter 92: Tongues of the Dragon LINK

93. Grunt, Chapter 93: Propaganda One and a Coyote Pack LINK

94. Grunt, Chapter 94: The Thin Blue Line LINK

95. Grunt, Chapter 95: The Poet and the Pyre LINK

96. Grunt, Chapter 96: Red is my Color LINK

97. Grunt, Chapter 97: The Wretched Refuse of Your Steaming Snow LINK

98. Grunt, Chapter 98: Two Red Hearts LINK

99. Grunt, Chapter 99: High Tech in Flyover Country LINK

100. Grunt, Chapter 100: Plop Goes the Weasel LINK

101. Grunt, Chapter 101: Apache Shorts and Hannibal’s Elephants LINK

102. Grunt, Chapter 102: Mutants of the Fringe LINK

103. Grunt, Chapter 103: Trouble in River City LINK

104. Grunt, Chapter 104: The Zoo Keeper LINK

105. Grunt, Chapter 105: The Battle at River City LINK

106. Grunt, Chapter 106: The Proposition LINK

107. Grunt, Chapter 107: Closing the Circle LINK

108. Grunt: Epilogue LINK



1. Happy Bleeping Birthday to Me, Chapter 1: Transition LINK

2. Happy Bleeping Birthday to Me, Chapter 2: Snake, Knife, and Five LINK

3. Happy Bleeping Birthday to Me, Chapter 3: Captain Obvious LINK

4. Happy Bleeping Birthday to Me, Chapter 4: An Old Flame Burning LINK

5. Happy Bleeping Birthday to Me, Chapter 5: The Hanging Judge LINK

6. Happy Bleeping Birthday to Me, Chapter 6: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread LINK

7. Happy Bleeping Birthday to Me, Chapter 7: Selling Him Down the River LINK

8. Happy Bleeping Birthday to Me, Chapter 8: Everything East of the Mississippi is Wasteland LINK

9. Happy Bleeping Birthday to Me, Chapter 9: I’d Lied About Not Using Torture LINK

10. Happy Bleeping Birthday to Me, Chapter 10: Hometown Battlefield LINK

11. Happy Bleeping Birthday to Me, Chapter 11: A Machete and a Piece of Cake LINK

12. Happy Bleeping Birthday to Me, Chapter 12: High Heat with No Satisfaction LINK

13. Happy Bleeping Birthday to Me, Chapter 13: Kids, What Are They Teaching Them Nowadays? LINK

14. Happy Bleeping Birthday to Me, Chapter 14: The Medicine Man



1. Ptolia, Chapter 1: LINK



1. Ptolia, Chapter 1: LINK

2. Ptolia, Chapter 2: LINK

3. Ptolia, Chapter 3: LINK

4. Ptolia, Chapter 4: LINK

5. Ptolia, Chapter 5: LINK

6. Ptolia, Chapter 6: LINK

7. Ptolia, Chapter 7: LINK

8. Ptolia, Chapter 8: LINK

9. Ptolia, Chapter 9: LINK

10. Ptolia, Chapter 10: LINK

11. Ptolia, Chapter 11: LINK

12. Ptolia, Chapters 12 and 13: LINK

13. Ptolia, Chapter 14: LINK



1. Rimlanders, Chapter 1: The Ape Cat Clan LINK

2. Rimlanders, Chapter 2: The Trial of Captain Norkin LINK

3. Rimlanders, Chapter 3: The Execution LINK

4. Rimlanders, Chapter 4: The Very Definition of Failure LINK

5. Rimlanders, Chapter 5: The Price of Freedom LINK

6. Rimlanders, Chapter 6: Blow Your Nose and Die LINK

7. Rimlanders, Chapter 7: Without a Mark on Me LINK

8. Rimlanders, Chapter 8: Constitutionally Mandated Authority, My Ass LINK

9. Rimlanders, Chapter 9: Many Ridges to Cross LINK

10. Rimlanders, Chapter 10: The Peeping Tom Telescope LINK

11. Rimlanders, Chapter 11: Unfinished Business LINK

12. Rimlanders, Chapter 12: Screaming Buffalo LINK

13. Rimlanders, Chapter 13: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished LINK

14. Rimlanders, Chapter 14: Not a Good Day to Die LINK

15. Rimlanders, Chapter 15: If You Die, I’m Already Dead LINK

16. Rimlanders, Chapter 16: Butterfly Rock LINK

17. Rimlanders, Chapter 17: Bloody, Battered, Fierce Barbaric Females LINK

18. Rimlanders, Chapter 18: Never Underestimate the Power of Stupid People in Large Numbers LINK

19. Rimlanders, Chapter 19: Worth the Price of the Whistle LINK

20. Rimlanders, Chapter 20: Pie in the Sky Guy LINK

21. Rimlanders, Chapter 21: The Fire Dragon LINK

22. Rimlanders, Chapter 22: Life’s a Bitch and then You Die LINK



1. The Seeder, Chapter One: The Guild LINK

2. The Seeder, Chapter Two: The Worms LINK

3. The Seeder, Chapter Three: A.S.P. LINK

4. The Seeder, Chapter Four: Suspicion and Denial LINK

5. The Seeder, Chapter Five: Nails and a Frog LINK

6. The Seeder, Chapter Six: The Essential Liberty Essays LINK

7. The Seeder, Chapter Seven: Edsella the Comic LINK

8. The Seeder, Chapter Eight: The Hoelringer LINK

9. The Seeder, Chapter Nine: The Curse of Childhood LINK

10. The Seeder, Chapter Ten: Blue Eyes, Green Eyes



 Prologue and Chapter One:  Individual Initiative LINK

The Thuringian, Chapter Two:  Not Very Nice LINK

The Thuringian, Chapter Three:  Slip-Sliding Away  LINK

8 thoughts on “Science Fiction Index

  1. Aha! From Tonopah, no less!

    Is the food at McDonald’s in Tonopah still as utterly inedible as it was in 1996?

  2. A wonderful story up ’til now, Ghost. Thanks!
    Wondered if we will have cats and dogs, who are also soul, being actively used by our friends…. I doubt the Guild or the Jupiterians would deign to consider animals as intelligent beings. 😉

  3. You know, Manny, I can’t remember for sure if cats show up anywhere in the remainder of the story or not. I know dogs don’t; our main protagonist (Sven) prefers not to host any four footed ally that has to go outside to do its business…:)

    It may be a little while–a month or two or even three–before more chapters make it onto the site. Right now, my creative juices are sort of being monopolized by the Happy Birthday series. But I won’t forget!

  4. Fred, the food at the McDonalds in Tonopah was not bad, when I went through in 2005. We stopped for lunch on our way to Hawthorne for my mom’s funeral.

  5. That’s good to hear. In 1996-97, it was…abominable would have been an upgrade. Bet they got new management.

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