Alzheimer’s Index

1. Alzheimer’s Anecdotes, Chapter 1: Thunderstorm and Light Switch LINK

2. Alzheimer’s Anecdotes, Chapter 2: Panties Halfway Down LINK

3. Alzheimer’s Anecdotes, Chapter 3: Where’s Fred? LINK

4. Alzheimer’s Anecdotes, Chapter 4: Daredevil Driving LINK

5. Alzheimer’s Anecdotes, Chapter 5: The Missing Bank Card LINK

6. Alzheimer’s Anecdotes, Chapter 6: Wishful Believing LINK

7. Alzheimer’s Anecdotes, Chapter 7: Meatloaf Cowgirl LINK

8. Alzheimer’s Anecdotes, Chapter 8: The Bloody Steak LINK

9. Alzheimer’s Anecdotes, Chapter 9: The Gas Gauge and the Time of Day LINK

10. Alzheimer’s Anecdotes, Chapter 10: Who Are You? LINK

11. Alzheimer’s Anecdotes, Chapter 11: Anorexia Unchained LINK

12. Alzheimer’s Anecdotes, Chapter 12: Fascination with a Toy for Toddlers LINK

13. Alzheimer’s Anecdotes, Chapter 13: Curling Iron Burn LINK

14. Alzheimer’s Anecdotes, Chapter 14: Dead Wire Loop LINK

15. Alzheimer’s Anecdotes, Chapter 15: Toilet Bowl Cannonball LINK

16. Alzheimer’s Anecdotes, Chapter 16: The Burn Barrel Flame Thrower LINK

17. Alzheimer’s Anecdotes, Chapter 17: The Twig HelperLINK

18. Alzheimer’s Anecdotes, Chapter 18: Are You Smarter than a First Grader? LINK

19. Alzheimer’s Anecdotes, Chapter 19: SSA Change of Address LINK

20. Alzheimer’s Anecdotes, Chapter 20: Separation Anxiety and Flat Tires LINK

21. Harrison Ford: Alzheimer’s Adventure (Pam) and Product Review (1998 Pleasure Way Motor Home LINK

22.  Alzheimer’s Anecdotes, Chapter 22:  Code Blue, Neuro ICU  LINK

4 thoughts on “Alzheimer’s Index

  1. I am reading this very serious topic story and insight. Before I do; because I can’t settle into the reading until I provide this; urgent tip which is what I have been researching for the past 5 years and a portion of my interest in writing is to hone my talents in communication; specifically to relay this information I am discovering and it’s totally relevant to ALZHEIMER’S disease and several others.
    To cut to the chase; so I can then read your story in peace without agitation; here it is, and you can do the follow up verification of information or reply and I will explain.

    This information will not be found in any medical book or suggested by AMA or in the PHD philosophic views. but………….. Only PURE (PURE) SALT. will help restore communications between synapse. I have studied and read every medical book, lecture, program on line that I can find and there are thousands. NONE; describe optimal medium for electrical stimulus messaging If the system is low in sodium or the sodium molecules are polluted with other chemicals which further inhibit communications a person is getting a double whammy.

    I have come to a conclusion that PURE SALT will remove heavy metal toxins and sulfates bio collected in the body and also remove some good nutrient minerals as well. BUT if this is intake of PURE SALT was mixed with PURE SALT WITH TRACE MINERALS then in relatively short order the normal balance plus an above average degree of conductivity to the brain and endocrine system will be restored. All systems will be operating at an optimal condition.

    I mention the word PURE because you will not find PURE anything in America if it is listed as a food or consumption product in this country anymore. You will have to find a resource for PURE , OUT OF THE EARTH (NOT SEA) SALT. This is because of the molecular structure of salt and the part I will explain to anyone including any Dr. or the AMA or Congress, anyone who will listen or read.

    One last point; the brain and endocrine system and metabolic functions all are reactionary and thus transmit their unique code or message to another link this creates the metabolic cycle. If I was hired to make you sick I would simply design a program to destroy the communications links in your bodies. Just like in a war; destroy the communications first. This goes for decreased doses of sun the next to zero natural minerals in any foods now; not even considering the processed foods.

    SO; I’ve said what I needed to say because I’ve been reading your stories and communicated with you about writing. This and other related science and medical research is my driving force in learning how to better communicate.

    Being an ole rodeo hand; do you recall where you can find pure salt with trace minerals and not under FDA “not for human consumption” ? Well; that’s where it’s at.

    Dollars isn’t need for research. Research and cognitive study by those affected or wish NOT to be affected need to do the studies. Pharmaceutical companies and .GOV have a different agenda. PERIOD! Increase saline solution and increase electrical conductivity (simple) No sugars, no fluoride with lithium saturated water and foods with sulfides or sulfates. bleaches, and preservatives or BPH, ANIMALS need sun and salt/ minerals. proteins with fats. Fruits are not what they are professed to be. fiber yes, not the sugars.

  2. Dale, that makes perfect sense to me. I’ll most certainly be looking into this in depth (meaning I’ll locate some pure salt, with trace minerals, and go from there). Thanks.

  3. Hi GHOST; you might check out hyperbaric oxygen and the pure salt. Pure meaning nothing to do with FDA approved food products.

    You can find pure salt right in the feed and tack store. It says Not for human consumption only because it’s not an FDA approved toxic laced product.

  4. Good thought, Dale, but getting Pam to ingest enough salt (of any sort) to make a difference…yeah, that’ll be the day. But she QUIT SMOKING SUCCESSFULLY as of Jan. 15, when she was in Utah, and her breathing is definitely better.

    That said, her biggest struggle at the moment is trying to get her weight back up above 90 pounds and hold it there. It’s a day by day thing.

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