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1. Death Threats and How To Deal with Them LINK

2. How To Avoid Paying Your Bills When You Have No Money LINK

3. How To Backfill a Water Line Trench LINK

4. How To Block Unwanted Incoming Calls on a Verizon Cell Phone LINK

5. How To Build a Back Porch aka Hot Water Tank Enclosure aka Tool Shed LINK

6. How To Build a Battery Bank Box on the Cheap LINK

7. How To Build a Coffee Can Birdhouse for Zero Dollars LINK

8. How To Build a Cool Little Pump House (Shed) that Will Have Your Wife Swooning with Delight LINK

9. How To Build a Double Duty Shower and Water Tower LINK

10. How To Build a House for Under $20,000 LINK

11. How To Build a House Single Handed LINK

12. How To Build a Laundry Room LINK

13. How To Build a Propane Tank Enclosure for Your Off Grid Home LINK

14. How To Build a Scissors Jack Stand LINK

15. How To Build a Survival Cabin on a Shoestring Budget LINK

16. How To Build a Toe Tent for Sensitive Feet out of PVC Pipe LINK

17. How To Build a Wall Cabinet To House a Heavy Floor Safe LINK

18. How To Build An Invisible Survival Shelter LINK

19. How To Build Temporary Pantry Shelving from Scrap Lumber for Free LINK

20. How To Build Your Own $300 Shower Curtain Frame for $25 LINK

21. How To Change a Big Rig Tire without Power Equipment LINK

22. How To Change Out a Natural Gas Orifice to Propane on a 2012 Kenmore Elite Dryer LINK

23. How To Clean Up a Mess in the Bathroom LINK

24. How To Clean Your Burn Barrel LINK

25. How To Convert Nineteen Wooden Crates from Walmart into an Entire Storage Wall LINK

26. How To Dig a Hand Dug Well LINK

27. How To Drive Safely on a Really Slick Road Whether Your Vehicle Is a Four Wheeler or an Eighteen Wheeler LINK

28. How To Eliminate Mold From Your Home’s Flooring on the Cheap (After the Flood Waters Go Down) LINK

29. How To End Up with Pet Kangaroo Rats LINK

30. How To Equip Earthbag Walls With Windows and Utility Tubes LINK

31. How To Find the Model Number on a Briggs and Stratton Engine LINK

32. How to Fish a Heavy Duty Power Cord through Buried Conduit LINK

33. How To Fix an Undulating Wall Foundation LINK

34. How To Get a Trucking Job with the Highest Pay LINK

35. How To Hand Dig a Post Hole in Tough Ground LINK

36. How To Have Fun Painting a Porch (aka The Joy of Work) LINK

37. How To Identify the Mojave Green Rattlesnake in a Hurry LINK

38. How To Install a Big Water Storage Tank Partially Underground…and Why It’s Worth Doing LINK

39. How To Install a Clawfoot Bathtub after the Plumbing Supply Guy Tells You There’s No Way To Do It LINK

40. How To Install a Deep Fringe TV Antenna: Part One LINK

41. How To Install a French Drain, Cowboy Style LINK

42. How To Install Allure Traffic Master Floor Tiles LINK

43. How To Install Metal Roofing Panels LINK

44. How to Keep Javelinas from Stealing Carrots LINK

45. How To Lay the First Courses of Earthbag Walls LINK

46. How To Learn A Lesson When the Earthbag Walls of Your New Home Crash to the Ground LINK

47. How To Leave Your Lover LINK

48. How To Lift a Water Tank to a Water Tower LINK

49. How To Make Earthbag Wall Adjustments LINK

50. How To Plumb a Twisty Tricky Bathtub Drain Pipe into a Stinky Smelly Sewer Pipe LINK

51. How To Plumb the Drain Lines from a Double Kitchen Sink LINK

52. How To Pour Concrete Wall Footings LINK

53. How to Protect Underground Water Pipe Valves by Stuffing a Round Bucket into a Square Box LINK

54. How To Put Up Roof Trusses Single Handed LINK

55. How To Put Your Tanker Trucks To Work in North Dakota LINK

56. How To Reinforce Earthbag Walls Using Intertie Studs LINK

57. How To Rig a Gas Button Push Stick for Lighting a Propane Refrigerator LINK

58. How To Rig a Gray Water Drain LINK

59. How To Rip Out Your Own Toenails for Fun and Profit, Leaving the Podiatrist in the Dust LINK

60. How To Sheathe Roof Rafters LINK

61. How To Sheathe Top-Framing LINK

62. How To Solve a Thousand Gallon Plumbing Mystery and Fix a Rookie Mistake LINK

63. How To Stucco Earthbag Projects FAST with a Tirolessa sprayer LINK

64. How To Tarpaper a Roof LINK

65. How To Turn a Subaru Outback into a 3/4 Ton Pickup Truck LINK

66. How To Use a Sledge Hammer To Modify a Hand Truck for Hauling Propane Tanks LINK

67. How To Utilize Corner Storage To Maximize Tool Shed Efficiency LINK

68. How To Write an Effective Demand Letter LINK

69. Plumbing in the Mobile Home: How To Make Do When You’ve Got a Fixer Upper: Toilet LINK

70. Plumbing in the Mobile Home: How To Make Do with Your Water Supply When You’ve Got a Fixer Upper LINK

70. Product Review and How To Install an A. O. Smith GDVT 50 101 Propane Hot Water Heater Off Grid LINK

72. Redistribution of Space: How To Subdivide Your Bedroom Into Two Bedrooms LINK

73. Replacing a Window Screen Can Be a Nastier Little Job Than You Think LINK

74. Spark plugs: How To Get the Most for Your Money LINK

75. Unique 30 B Propane Range: How to Install and Product Review LINK

76. Zen Home Improvement: How To Build a Cat Stopper Wall In Order To Get the Water Jugs Out Of Your Bedroom LINK

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