Border Fort Manual Index

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The Border Fort Manual is being written with the understanding that someday in the foreseeable future I may decide to sell this unique creation situated on twenty southern Cochise County acres. I built the home to last centuries with a nominal bit of routine maintenance. It’s simple enough if you understand the place, but it’s also one of a kind with many details a new owner would not care to have to figure out the hard way. The Manual is a valuable reference for anyone living on this property.

(Content to be added as the author gets around to it. My first BFM [Border Fort Manual] post will be on the refrigerator, simply because I needed a place to start and didn’t want to bite off too much in the beginning. Writing has begun as of January 4, 2017, and will continue as time permits until every conceivable helpful topic has been covered.)

1. Electrical Wiring Including Extension Cords LINK

2. Gasoline Powered Generators LINK

3. General Construction Considerations LINK

4. Refrigerator/Freezer LINK

5. Solar Generator LINK

6. Water Supply LINK