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This No MPs* Recipes cookbook was created by the author in his quest to heal his physical body which, among other things, had exhibited hugely swollen lymph nodes for years. To be included, every recipe must meet certain specific standards:

1. Created entirely from scratch (no premixes or processed foods allowed).
2. Tasty enough (in the author’s opinion) to be consumed on a daily basis.
3. Provide known health benefits.
4. All ingredients available at the local Safeway store or via online purchase.
5. Maximum one hour of kitchen time to prepare.

*MPs is short for microplastics which are tiny, invisible remains of plastic decomposition. MPs have been shown to be present in sea salt and even in fresh water aquifers as the world’s use of plastics has continued to expand since the 1950s. In sea salt, MPs were discovered in four categories: Pigments, foam, fabric, and fragments. Many of these microscopic bits are so small that they can easily penetrate the organs of the body.


1. Chicken Breast Boiled in Oil LINK


1. Peanut Butter Brown Rice Balls LINK


1. Super Simple Whole Egg Mayonnaise LINK


1. Berrymato Power Shot Smoothie LINK

2. Triple Berry Vanilla Milkshake LINK


1. Kidney Bean Soup with Molasses LINK

2. Lazy Man’s Mashed Potato Soup LINK

3. Super Simple Split Pea Soup LINK


1. All that Glitters is not Buttermilk: Radical Differences between Brands LINK

2. Wheat & the Deadly Bread Machine LINK