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1. Comment Spam on Your Website: The Comic Relief Factor LINK

2. How To Know When You’ve (Finally!) Found the Right Web Host LINK

3. More Than One Million Views Per Year: Ghost32writer.com Reaches Milestone LINK

4. Plugins and Progress on my WordPress Site (One Webmaster’s Learning Curve) LINK

5. The Extreme Importance of Ultra-Reliable Web Hosting LINK

2 thoughts on “WordPress Index

  1. Hello Fred,
    iIt’s been a long time! I’m glad you found a good web site my friend. I couldn’t find you on hubpages. Hope you got your writings back. I have another good friend that you might like to follow. He’s a conservative radio talk host. His name is Adrian Vance =”The Two Minute Conservative” check him out he’s great. He writes some good books too. The two of you think alike. I’ll send him your link.
    As well as the upcoming new conservative radio station in Antioch ,CA.
    So if you hear from Adrian or Gary Arfsten, both good people.

    Best wishes to you and Pam

    Kay (KDee411@gmail.com)

  2. Well, hi there, Kay! I’ll check Vance out for sure, and also remember the other names.

    As for my “disappearance” from HubPages: I’d been wanting out for some time but, although I’d built this site in 2012, I didn’t dare do much with it for a while. Had a comment spam problem. Then about a year ago, after attending a DreamHost and WordPress user conference in Los Angeles, I came home with the answer, got the necessary plugin up and running, and the rest is history. For several weeks in September, I didn’t sleep much, just “migrated” from HP. Deleted something like 1125 Hubs but copied & pasted the remaining 450 or so (cream of the crop) over to this site. I don’t write every day at the moment; had to do a few other things with my life. But on average, I get out a post at least once a week.

    I’ll tell Pam in the morning that you found us. 🙂

    May the blessings be.

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