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1. A Little Dead Girl’s Pain Cripples My Wife: A Night Run through the Northern Cheyenne Reservation LINK

2. A World Wide Population Crash is Inevitable LINK

3. A-10 Warplane’s Top Defender: CD2 Congressional Candidate Chuck Wooten LINK

4. Arizona CD2 “Candidate” Shelley Kais: Felonious Ringer or Merely an Unethical Incompetent? LINK

5. Candidate Appraisal: Chuck Wooten for Congress (AZ CD2) in 2014 LINK

6. Cochise County Politics: Palominas Tea Party Gears Up for 2014 LINK

7. Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels to Speak at Palominas Tea Party Potluck on January 27 LINK

8. Cut Off Your Incandescent Light Bulb Nose to Spite Your CFL Curly Fry Fluorescent Face LINK

9. Election 2014: Republican Tsunami Across the Board LINK

10. Finding a Job in North Dakota: The Bakken Oil Drilling Boom LINK

11. Finding a Job in North Dakota: The Bakken Formation: Spillover LINK

12. Fire Board Race…On Fire! LINK

13. For Mayor of Sierra Vista: Tom Crosby, Alesia Ash, and…Larry Hampton?! LINK

14. Happy Birthday To Me: A Political Look Back over the Last 70 Years LINK

15. Head-Scratching Polls: Obamacare, Big Government, and Obama LINK

16. Healthcare.gov Rollout As Summarized Through Facebook Comments LINK

17. How To Learn a Lesson when Your New Home’s Earthbag Walls Crash to the Ground LINK

18.  Immigration and the Border Crisis:  An Open Letter to Cindy  LINK

19. Look Out for those Younger Women LINK

20. Maine Governor Paul LePage for President 2016 Sounds Good to Me LINK

21. Media Politics: Who’s Trumping Who In the TV News Wars? LINK

22. Midterm Elections 2014: What It Will Take for GOP Success (The “Cuteness” Theory) LINK

23. Potential 2016 Presidential Candidate: Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz, Pros and Cons LINK

24. Palominas Tea Party Suggestion for Election Year 2014: Pick Your Battles LINK

25. Racism Less Than a Century Ago: Oklahoma Governor Jack Walton Vs. the Ku Klux Klan LINK

26. Sarah Palin Invokes Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham in CPAC Keynote Speech LINK

27. The Air Force is Lying: CD2 Candidate Chuck Wooten and A-10 Legend Lt. Col. Tom Norris at the A-10 Town Hall LINK

28. The John F. Kennedy Assassination: Where I Was When I Heard About It and What I Know for Sure LINK

29. The Indian Wars: One White Man’s Struggle with the Bureau of Indian Affairs LINK

30. What Having Your “Substandard” Health Insurance Policy Forcibly Canceled Due To Obamacare Regulations REALLY Means LINK

31. Why My Wife and I, Despite Her Disabilities, Choose To Go Without Health Insurance LINK

2 thoughts on “Political Index

  1. Hi Fred, Dug up ( to replant) some very interesting plants growing here on the ranch … Chuck said I would probably come down w/ a severe rash for doing so (I admit to not knowing what they were). Decided to ‘google’ them and lo & behold … there they were … ‘Ragged Nettlespurge’ … submitted by … you. Thanks Fred, for helping to educate me on these attractive plants. Barb (former candidate for C.C. Recorder)

  2. Yo, Barb! Good to hear from you, and please say hi to Chuck, too. Glad to see my post (on ragged nettlespurge) is being of help out there, especially right here in Cochise County. I’m guessing you’re continuing to get your place fixed up right–as are we. Since the 2012 election cycle, this place has seen a lot of improvements. City style hot water now, high end kitchen cabinets and double sink, regular propane range instead of the camp stove, a 2825 gallon water storage tank partially buried and replacing the old 500 gallon tank, small front and back enclosed porches, etc.

    On the writing front, I got out of HubPages and went full bore with my own site by early October of last year. Don’t publish daily now, more like weekly. Lots happening. Politically, reckon it’s pretty obvious we’re supporting Chuck Wooten for Congress in CD2, bucking for him to beat McSally in the primary on Aug. 26. Hope springs eternal!

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