Critter Index


1. Couch’s spadefoot frog LINK


1. Black widow spider LINK

2. Camel spider LINK

3. Western Spotted Orbweaver spider LINK

4. Wolf spider LINK

5.  Common desert centipede. LINK

6.  Desert millipedeLINK

7. Desert tarantula. LINK

8. Desert tarantula male LINK


1. Yellow headed blackbird LINK

2. Mourning dove LINK

3. House finch 2013 LINK

3a. House finch 2014 LINK

4. Blue grosbeak LINK

5. Say’s Phoebe (flycatcher) LINK

6.  Great-tailed grackle.  LINK

7. Cooper’s hawk. LINK

8.  Redtail hawk.  LINK

9. Gambel’s quail LINK

10. Scaled quail LINK

11. Common raven. LINK

12.  Greater roadrunner LINK

12a. Greater roadrunner (March 3, 2014) LINK

12b. Greater roadrunner young bird LINK

13. Greater roadrunner pair courting LINK

14. Black-throated sparrow. LINK

15.  Curve-billed thrasher.  LINK

16.  Turkey vulture.  LINK

17.  Cactus wren.  LINK

17a. Cactus wren (juvenile). LINK


1. Coyote Nap Alarm Quick Start LINK

2.  Mearns coyote.  LINK

3. Mearns coyote: Angel’s Daughter Comes to Call LINK

4. The Smartest and Dumbest Dogs I Have Ever Owned: The German Shepherd and the Norwegian Elkhound LINK


1. Blacktail deer. LINK

2. Mule deer LINK


1. Big headed harvester ants, Pheidole tepicana LINK

2. Big headed harvester ants, Pheidole tepicana, moving day LINK

2a. Big headed harvester ants, Pheidole tepicana, mating swarm LINK

3. Red harvester ants, Pogonomyrmex barbatus, butcher a caterpillar LINK

4. Bordered plant bug (nymph) (beetle) LINK

5. Brachinus bombardier beetles LINK

6. Side flange bug LINK

7. Bordered Patch butterfly LINK

8. Common Checkered Skipper butterfly LINK

9. Sleepy Orange butterfly LINK

10. Salt Marsh caterpillar LINK

11.  Southwestern giant floodplain cicada LINK

12. Gray Bird grasshopper LINK

13. Horse lubber grasshopper LINK

14. Mexican Robber Fly LINK

15. Praying mantis (female). LINK

16.  Praying mantis (male).  LINK

17. Velvet ant. LINK

17a. Thistledown velvet ant LINK

18. White lined sphinx moth (caterpillar focus). LINK

19.  Northern walking stick.  LINK

20. Northern walking stick (5 legged) LINK


1. Cochise County: Javelina Herd with Babies LINK

2. Cochise County: Interspecies Communications Between Javelinas and Mearns Coyotes LINK

3. Cochise County: The Coyote-Javelina Night War LINK

4. Javelina aka collared peccary vs. coyote LINK

4a. Javelina aka collared peccary aka Tayassu tejacu LINK


1. Baby desert cottontail rabbit LINK

2. Baby desert cottontail rabbit named Chance Bunny LINK

3.  Desert cottontail rabbit.  LINK

4. Desert cottontail rabbit eating mesquite bean pod LINK


1. Leopard gecko. LINK

2. Arizona alligator lizard. LINK

3. Clark’s Spiny Lizard LINK

4. Madrean alligator lizard LINK

5. Southwestern fence lizard LINK

6. Baby desert horned lizard. LINk

7.  Regal horned lizardLINK

8.  Texas horned lizardLINK

8A.  Texas horned lizard (baby) LINK

9.  Striped plateau lizard.  LINK

10. Slevin’s bunchgrass lizard and elegant earless lizard. LINK

11. Tree Lizard LINK

12.  Arizona striped whiptail lizard.  LINK

13. Desert grassland whiptail lizard. LINK

14. Cochise County: Fat Mojave (Green) Rattlesnake Happily Hogs the Trail LINK

15. Cochise County: How To ID Western Diamondback Vs. Mojave Green Rattlesnakes LINK

16. Cochise County: Mojave Green Rattlesnake (Crotalus Scutulatus) Provides a Spiritual Unfoldment Opportunity LINK

17. Cochise County Reptiles: The Mojave Green Rattlesnake. LINK

18. First Mojave Green Rattlesnake of the Year: How To Identify LINK

19. How To Identify the Mojave Green Rattlesnake in a Hurry LINK

20. Mojave Green Rattlesnake Adventures in Cochise County, Arizona: The Pump Shed Coil LINK

21. Blue and White Striped Mystery Snake LINK

22. Snake Stories: The Mojave Green Rattlesnake LINK

22. The Mojave Green Rattlesnake: Not All Babies Are Created Equal LINK

23. Western Diamondback Rattlesnake LINK

24. Cochise County: Red Racer (Coluber flagellum piceus) aka Coachwhip Snake Stops for a Sip LINK

25. Snake Stories: The Deadly Diamondback Rattlesnake LINK

26.  Sonoran gopher snake.  LINK

26a. Another Sonoran gopher snake. LINK

26b. Sonoran gopher snake (2014) on Paloma Trail LINK

27. Snake skin in the Storage Shed: Mouse Murder Mystery Solved LINK

28. Sonora Mud Turtle LINK


1. Kangaroo rats (babies) LINK

2.  Spotted ground squirrelLINK

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