Prison Pen Pal Index


There are no prison inmates with ads on this site, but there are plenty of hints and encouragement (and a few cautionary notes) for those who may be considering prison pen pal correspondence. My wife and I have been writing to incarcerated felons since 1996 and willingly share our experience.

1. History of the Lee Arrendale Women’s Prison in Alto, Georgia LINK

2. How to Get an Interstate Compact Parole Transfer from Arkansas to Arizona Approved…or Not LINK

3. How To Find Out if Your Prison Pen Pal is Playing It Straight: The Background Check LINK

4. Open Letter To Women In Prison Seeking Pen Pals LINK

5. Prison Rap Humor: 10-15, by Tierry Block LINK

6. So You Think You Want To Write a Prison Pen Pal LINK

7. Soul Contamination: Prison Baby’s PhD in Career Criminality LINK

8. What To Put Into a First Letter to a Prison Pen Pal LINK

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