Humor Index

1. A Day Late and a Dollar Short LINK

2. Can You Identify this Bottle? LINK

3. How the Naked Woman Confronted the Man LINK

4. Lying Fat Groundhog Sees No Shadow Yet Winter Ices On LINK

5. Rise and Fall of the One Legged Americans LINK

6. The Dirty Laundry Thief LINK

7. The Great and Powerful Montana Winter Bidet LINK

8. The Montana Mighty Mouse Comedy Chase LINK

9. These Damned Hearing Aids LINK

10. Who Knew Noninvasive Birth Control Could be Such a Problem? LINK

11. Why My Second Wife Laughed at the Naked Swede LINK

4 thoughts on “Humor Index

  1. Umm…whole platefuls of stuff, but I’m guessing you mean for humor pieces. Hadn’t thought about it, but if/when I can find the time, I could certainly write about The Magic Eight Ball…or The Living Dead…or Skeeter and the Bear…or An Inch of Drilling Rod….

  2. Humor about dating is always good for a laugh. You probably have some funny stories associated with the oil field or rodeo days. I sure as heck do…

  3. Yeah, got a few of both. One simple silly item: During my 2nd year out of high school, attending college in Havre, Montana, three of us once drove up to a Canadian rodeo. My friend Terry Estellle ( a sometime bull rider) and I were competing; Ruth came along for the ride.

    We didn’t win anything, but on the way back, Ruth drove their big Mercury while Terry and I drank beer till we got truly drunk. We stopped along a remote highway stretch to take a leak. Ruth got out her camera and took a picture of Terry while he was arcing his fire hose into the river that ran close to the road.

    Punch line was when the black and white photo came back. You couldn’t really tell he was urinating unless you’d been there. The stream of yellow stuff (not yellow in the black and white pic) bowed out so gracefully over the river’s edge that you’d have sworn he was holding a fishing rod. With both hands.

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