Psychology Index

1. A Little Dead Girl’s Pain Cripples My Wife: A Night Run through the Northern Cheyenne Reservation LINK

2. A World Wide Population Crash is Inevitable LINK

3. Barbed Wire Fences and Post Hole Diggers LINK

4. Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life: One Key Pivot Point LINK

5. Child Labor in a Country Setting is Not a Bad Thing LINK

6. Comedy Kills: The High Death Rate Among Young Comedians LINK

7. Dead and Stuffed: Taxidermy Both Animal and Human LINK

8. Death Threats and How To Deal with Them LINK

9. Happy Birthday To Me: A Political Look Back over the Last 70 Years LINK

10. How to Cure a Friend of Cheating by Enabling LINK

11. How Many Schizophrenics Do We Have in the USA? LINK

12. How To Evaluate Your Relationship by Cleaning Out Your Refrigerator LINK

13. How To Leave Your Lover LINK

14. It’s Run or Dye in Sierra Vista, Arizona LINK

15. Look Out for those Younger Women LINK

16. Monsoon Downpour on International Border Road: The Joys of Dangerous Driving LINK

17. Smirk Kid: The Punchable Face LINK

18. The Arnold Dream Song Healing LINK

19. The College of Hard Knocks: How I Learned To Stop Bragging (Spiritual Psychology) LINK

20. The Difference in Budget Problems Between the Poor Man and the Rich Man LINK

21. The Psychology of a Brain Fart LINK

22. The Psychology of Inertia, a Double Edged Sword LINK

23. The Sneaky eBay Gift Card Scam, a Psychological Profile of the Victim LINK

24. The Strange Aging of Jared Loughner LINK

25. Website WOW: Top Post Tops Five Million Views LINK

26. Why a Rodeo Cowboy Who Quits Should Never Come Back LINK

27. Why Human Nature Guarantees a Cataclysmic World Wide Population Crash LINK

28. Why I Avoid Using Drugs: Ten Reasons (Including the Awareness Factor) LINK

29. Why I Believe Multiple Personalities Are Real Entities LINK

30: Why I Got Over Myself and Quit Hating Gay Men LINK

31: Why I Quit Drinking: Karma (Barf) Plus Spiritual Psychology LINK

32: Why I Quit Stealing Stuff: Karma (aka Spiritual Psychology) LINK

33. Why Is Everybody Around Me Committing Suicide? LINK

34. Why Shoplifting Should Be Considered an Olympic Spectator Sport LINK


THROAT CHAKRA by Gordon Malchek

Episode 1: The Sore Throat LINK

Episode 2: The Hookup LINK

Episode 3: Freedom is Hard LINK

Episode 4: Condescension LINK

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