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1. Briggs and Stratton 5000 Watt Portable Generator: Product Review LINK

2. Generac GP5500 Portable Generator: Product Review LINK

3. Homelite 5000 Watt Portable Generator with Subaru engine LINK

4. How To Build a Back Porch aka Hot Water Tank Enclosure aka Tool Shed LINK

5. How To Build a Battery Bank Box on the Cheap LINK

6. How To Build a Double Duty Shower and Water Tower LINK

7. How To Build a House Single Handed LINK

8. How To Build a Propane Tank Enclosure for Your Off Grid Home LINK

9. How To Build a Survival Cabin on a Shoestring Budget LINK

10. How To Change Out a Natural Gas Orifice to Propane on a 2012 Kenmore Elite Dryer LINK

11. How To Install a Big Water Storage Tank Partially Underground…and Why It’s Worth Doing LINK

12. How To Install a French Drain, Cowboy Style LINK

13. How To Rig a Gas Button Push Stick for Lighting a Propane Refrigerator LINK

14. How To Rig a Gray Water Drain LINK

15. How To Use a Sledge Hammer to Modify a Hand Truck for Moving Propane Tanks LINK

16. Making Cold from Heat: How a Propane Refrigerator Works LINK

17. No Man is an Island…Unless He Lives Below the Wash on Paloma Trail LINK

18. PowerGenX Custom Portable 10K Solar Generator: Product Review LINK

19. Product Review and How To Install an A. O. Smith GDVT 50 101 Propane Hot Water Heater Off Grid LINK

20. Where To Find the Cheapest Land Out West for Off Grid Living LINK

21. Why Rural Homes Often Have Batch Water Storage Tanks Onsite LINK

22. Why Some People Choose To Live Off Grid: Ten Factors LINK

23. Yamaha EF2000iS Portable Generator: Product Review LINK

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  1. Just wanted to say, we’ve really found a lot of your posts very useful! Especially the generator reviews! The sanctuary is off the grid too, so we sure appreciate the info!


  2. Hey, you just made my day! Not that it was a bad day to start with, but discovering a page or two has been helpful to a kindred spirit is ALWAYS a good thing. You’re VERY welcome!


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