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This page is a hybrid combination, both index and table of contents. First (coming soon), the table of contents for the online version of Tales of a Golden Heart, written in 1986 and first published in trade paperback in 1992. Long out of print, Tales is being resurrected–first online, and then at some later date, in a Second Edition hard copy printing. Then the Ptolia trilogy….



1. Chapter One LINK

2. Chapter Two LINK

3. Chapter Three LINK

4. Chapter Four LINK

5. Chapter Five LINK

6. Chapter Six LINK

7. Chapter Seven LINK

8. Chapter Eight LINK

9. Chapter Nine LINK

10. Chapter Ten LINK

11. Chapter Eleven LINK

12. Chapter Twelve and Chapter thirteen LINK

13. Chapter Fourteen LINK



–Copyright Notice LINK

–Foreword LINK

1. Chapter 1: The 1100 Mile Cat LINK

2. Chapter 2: The Law of Economy LINK

3. Chapter 3: The Christmas Star LINK

4. Chapter 4: Star the Horse LINK

5. Chapter 5: Star Boots LINK

6. Chapter 6: The Dark Angel of Death LINK

7. Chapter 7: The Way of the Sufi LINK

8. Chapter 8: On a Runty Camel LINK

9. Chapter 9: A Ray of Light…and Sound LINK

10. Chapter 10: Graduation LINK

11. Chapter 11: The Chicken Skin Dream LINK

12. Chapter 12: Laundry Master LINK

13. Chapter 13: Guitar Man LINK

14. Chapter 14: Doris and the Doe LINK

15. Chapter 15: Duel at Mount Shasta LINK

16. Chapter 16: The Story of GECK LINK

17. Chapter 17: The Day of Flowers LINK

18: Chapter 18: Two Hard Months of Walking LINK

19: Chapter 19: Zee LINK

20. Chapter 20: The Little Boy Who Ran LINK

21. Chapter 21: Physician, Heal Thyself (Anti-Pain Song) LINK

22. Chapter 22: Of Snowy Owls and Hu Birds LINK

23. Chapter 23: A Piece of the Rock LINK

24. Chapter 24: Spiritual Boo-Boo in Mulkey Gulch LINK

25. Chapter 25: The Billings, Montana, Connection LINK

26. Chapter 26: The Golden Heart LINK

27. Chapter 27: Slick Road on the Roan Plateau LINK


INDEX (other posts)

1. A Little Dead Girl’s Pain Cripples My Wife:¬† A Night Run Through the Northern Cheyenne Reservation¬† LINK

1. A Seagoing Clam LINK

2. Quantum Physics and the Africanized Killer Bee Prophecy LINK

3. Soul Trap: Device Addiction Among the Young in the 21st Century LINK

4. The College of Hard Knocks: How I Learned To Stop Bragging (Spiritual Psychology) LINK

5. The Waking Dream: Reading Wildlife LINK

5. The War Between Cigarette Smoke and Spirit LINK

6. To Get Love, Give Love: Vehicles for Spirit in Action LINK

7. Why I Quit Stealing Stuff: Karma (aka Spiritual Psychology) LINK

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