Medical Index

1. A Little Dead Girl’s Pain Cripples My Wife: A Night Run through the Northern Cheyenne Reservation LINK

2. Benefits (and Difficulties) of the Ten Day Brown Rice Fast LINK

3. Clear Choice Dental Implants: Product Review LINK

4. Colloidal Silver: The Blue Man aka Paul Karason aka Papa Smurf LINK

5. Cut Off Your Incandescent Light Bulb Nose To Spite Your CFL Curly Fry Fluorescent Face LINK

6. Frankincense Essential Oil: Questions, Answers, and Curiosity LINK

7. GHR (Growth Hormone Releaser) from Global Health Products of Carson City, Nevada: Product Review LINK

8. Happy New Year 2017 from the Border Fort Recipe: Magic Brown Rice LINK

9. Rollout As Summarized Through Facebook Comments LINK

10. Help Your Budget and Your Body with Brown Rice LINK

11. How To Bring Your Wife Out of a Full Blown Epileptic Grand Mal Seizure LINK

12. How To Build a Toe Tent for Sensitive Feet out of PVC Pipe LINK

13. How To Deal With Swollen Lymph Glands (Nodes)…LINK

14. How To Rip Out Your Own Toenails for Fun and Profit, Leaving the Podiatrist in the Dust LINK

15. How To Stand Up For Yourself When A Medical Professional’s Refusal To Listen Might Kill You…LINK.

16. Improving Life by Removing Teeth LINK

17. Is Perricone MD Cold Plasma Sub-D Neck Cream a Scam? LINK

18. Lomantium Dissectum (Desert Parsley) Saved My Life LINK

19. Men’s Handkerchiefs : A Key Tool for Health and Diagnostics Gone the Way of the Horse and Buggy LINK

20. Monosodium Glutamate: The Neurotoxin You Consume Every Day LINK

21. My Helpful Yet Grim Experience with Doxycycline Antibiotic LINK

22. Older Men FYI: Surgical Toenail Removal Procedure and Post Surgery Protocol LINK

23: One Tiny Wife, Two Cows, Fifty Deer, a Cow Elk, and Eighty-six Pounds of Pain LINK

24. Post Raisin Bran Gets Rid of the High Fructose Corn Syrup and Makes My Day LINK

25. Prescription Drug Horror Stories: Neurontin: Wife Cannot Tell Stick from Snake LINK

26. The Great Burger King Strawberry Milkshake Mystery LINK

27. The Great Salt Conspiracy Theory LINK

28. The Health Benefits (Yes, Benefits) of Plastic Shopping Bags LINK

29. The Search for Pam’s Brain: Combating Alzheimer’s: From Aricept to Alpha GPC LINK

30. The Sore Head Mystery: A True Case of Medical Self Diagnosis LINK

31. The War Between Cigarette Smoke and Spirit LINK

32. When Chigger Bites Escalate from Nuisance to Dangerous LINK

33. Why I Avoid Ingesting Aluminum and Stepping On a Rattlesnake with Equal Fervor LINK

34. Why I Avoid Using Drugs: Ten Reasons (Including the Awareness Factor) LINK

35. Why My Wife and I, Despite Her Disabilities, Choose To Go Without Health Insurance. LINK

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