Rodeo Index


1. Keep Your Girl Nailed Down when the Rodeo’s in Town LINK

2. Rodeo Cowboys Get Around (aka It’s a Small, Small World) LINK

3. Rodeo in the Nude in Eureka, Montana (1962) LINK

4. Rodeo Song: Down to the Negative Worlds We Go LINK

5. Rodeo Song: If You Have to Ask (Rodeo Fever) LINK

6. Rodeo Songs: Take Your Wins Where You Find Them and Keep Your Tail in the Middle LINK

7. Rodeo Song: Terrified of Horses LINK

8. Rodeo Songs: “Try” and “High Water Jeans” LINK

9. Rodeo Song: Wetfire LINK

10. The Dark Angel of Death LINK

11. Why a Rodeo Cowboy Who Quits Should Never Come Back LINK

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