Arizona CD2 Candidate Chuck Wooten on Job Creation in America

Job creation in America has been a bad joke during President Obama’s administration. Chuck Wooten knows that. As the Arizona CD2 candidate faces off with GOP primary opponents Martha McSally (she whose dirty tricks operatives lost a frivolous lawsuit against Wooten recently) and Shelley “TPO” Kais, jobs are high on his list of priorities.

“TPO?” Oh, that’s an acronym, short for Talking Points Only. Frankly, she’s appears to be another McSally operative, in the race strictly to split the conservative vote–which is another bad joke, since she’s no conservative. Kais has yet to articulate a single specific reason her support for Martha went downhill so far she felt “compelled” to run against her old buddy.

But that’s not the core topic of this post. Back to Chuck.

Wooten believes, as I do, that smothering federal regulation is the single biggest reason jobs in this country are not what they once were. Add to that a refusal to act even in simple matters like the Keystone XL pipeline, and you’ve got a stagnant economy with the gap between rich and poor widening by the minute.

Here’s what he had to say during our interview.

Question: Can the election of one Congressman make a difference in these matters?

Answer: Definitely. With the big government proponents on both sides of the aisle running the show at the moment, it might not seem that way…but Command Chief Master Sergeant Wooten (USAF, Ret.) knows how to work with others and to lead at the same time.

The thing is–despite the turbo boost Obama Drama has given job killers like the EPA and other federal agencies (who’ve been illegally rewriting actual laws as they go, ignoring Congress)–this sort of government suppression of business (and therefore of jobs) has been going on for a lo-ong time. As a contributing member to the work force for nearly 50 years, I’ve had a ringside seat at the Circus of Craziness. If it’s not the government telling employers what they cannot do in the name of ecological purity, it’s the government telling employers what they cannot do in the name of so-called safety, political correctness, or “humanitarian measures”.

Nominating big government lovers like Martha McSally (or even Shelley Kais, who likes the Ryan budget) guarantees more of the same–including another loss to Democrat incumbent Ron Barber in the fall, and we can’t have that.

The old definition of insanity is continuing to do the same old thing and expecting a different result…but with Chuck Wooten as our Representative in the U.S. House, we’ll simply get results, jobs included.