CLUCKERS Anti Drug Classics from 2004-2005 Discovered in Mouse-Infested Semi Trailer

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We have a former boarder to thank for finding the old CLUCKERS anti drug classic cartoons; mouse infestation was simply a bonus. When our friend was getting ready to move out after staying with us for a couple of months, we figured she might need some pots and pans and such to set up housekeeping as she was getting back on her feet, so I started mucking out the semi trailer we’ve used for overflow storage since 2009.

It wasn’t pretty in there.

In fact, the jam packed 40 foot trailer was declared absolutely off limits to anyone but me for the following reasons:

    1. 1. There was so much stuff crammed in piles that it wasn’t particularly safe to walk in the door. Getting from the rear doors to within 15 feet of the front required an acrobat. At 15 feet, the Great Wall of Hoarders was impenetrable and all the way to the top of the trailer.

2. Mice didn’t find their way into the trailer’s interior until the winter of 2011-2012, but they made up for lost time after that. With a statistically significant possibility of having hantavirus flying around in the air, my COPD challenged wife and our asthmatic boarder could well be facing a life threatening situation if they, unlike former President Clinton, inhaled.

3. The door the old 1974 model Trailmobile is falling apart, the wood making up the core of the thing having thoroughly rotted. Only the metal sheathing is being held together by the hinge bolts. If that big, heavy beast gives way, we don’t need my 92 pound wife trying to wrestle the thing into submission.

4. There’s been enough rain infiltration to produce a bit of water damage here and there. Where there’s water damage, there’s mold, and then we’re back to vulnerable lungs sucking in spores, so…if it’s to be, it’s up to me.

As it turned out, the pots and pans weren’t needed, but I was on a roll. For the past week, I’ve pulled out box after box, burning nasty mouse-raddled cardboard and papers, bagging other disgusting stuff for the landfill, and even salvaging quite a few precious treasures including a number of heirlooms–including family photos and Pam’s favorite little black dress–that miraculously escaped DBM (Destruction By Mouse).

There were even two live field mice (no insult intended to the Three Live Mice of nursery rhyme fame). They were released into the, duh, field.

Day by day, bit by bit, the trailer has begun to empty. You can walk safely in there now. The sidewalls are mostly visible except for that forward Great Wall, and even that is now only twelve feet thick, not fifteen.

And today I found the CLUCKERS folder. It was tucked in a plastic drawer and had escaped mousification. There are other CLUCKERS cartoons out there somewhere, more than 400 of them. This was not that treasure trove, but it was nonetheless mighty cool. Copies of several CLUCKERS strips published in the Teen Scene insert in the Crowley Post-Signal (Louisiana, 2004-2005) were in there…and of course they needed to be shared here tonight.

The first ever publication of the CLUCKERS anti drug cartoon strip by the Crowley Post-Signal (Teen Scene insert), November, 2004.

The first ever publication of the CLUCKERS anti drug cartoon strip by the Crowley Post-Signal (Teen Scene insert), November, 2004.

Hm. Well, that’s not overly legible, is it? Let’s see if we can break it down a little. First, the comic strip iself…

The first cartoon chosen for publication by the Crowley Post-Signal.

The first cartoon chosen for publication by the Crowley Post-Signal.

..then the two columns of the strip’s introduction.

CLUCKERS Crowley Post 009

CLUCKERS Crowley Post 009 (2)

Would I still like to see CLUCKERS break through, get wider exposure, become as much a household name as “WHO STOLE MY PAIN PILLS?!” is a household name today? Oh, you betcha. In the meantime, here are a few more of the cartoons the Crowley Post-Signal published “back when”.

CLUCKERS Crowley Post 011

CLUCKERS Crowley Post 012

CLUCKERS Crowley Post 013

CLUCKERS Crowley Post 015

CLUCKERS Crowley Post 016

CLUCKERS Crowley Post 017

Oddly enough, I’d completely forgotten that most of the original characters, including Shady Skunk, wore shirts. I’ll keep that in mind going forward.

What? Oh, yes. There will be more strips posted on this site. With luck, the other 400 or so classic black and white strips will turn up, but even if they don’t, this is a lifetime mission.