Arizona CD2 Candidate Chuck Wooten on Obamacare

In our exclusive interview series, asking CD2 candidate Chuck Wooten where he stood on the topic of Obamacare was an absolute must. Dealing with the horror of the so called Affordable Care Act, the biggest power grab by government in our lifetime, is high on the priority list for voters in this crucial midterm election year of 2014. Sadly enough, neither of the other candidates in the GOP primary present a pretty picture when it comes to stating a healthcare policy position.

According to her campaign website, Shelley Kais feels the tentacled monster is here to stay; she states how she believes, “…the President’s healthcare plan must be structured….”. No help there.

Martha McSally’s website is…perhaps “coy”, if she’s your candidate. That is, her site has no page dealing with the issues at all! It’s like she’s saying, “I figure y’all will be dumb enough to vote for me in the GOP primary on August 26th if I just don’t take a stand on anything!”


Chuck Wooten, on the other hand, has a campaign website stage titled “Where I Stand” that pretty much lays it on the line. The page doesn’t specifically address healthcare, though, so we hit him with the question.

Aha! A candidate who remains unequivocally committed to repeal of Obamacare. Excellent. Yes. If you or someone you know has had your premium raised instead of lowered, if your previous (and quite satisfactory) coverage has arbitrarily been canceled, if you’re facing the choice of paying a fine or submitting to the enslavement of mandatory health coverage, you know we need to repeal Obamacare completely in order to start over with a clean slate.

What? You’re not all that sure about the benefits of a free market solution? We had a free market before the Affordable Care Act and still had real problems?

Yeah. About that. The Democrats have indeed been saying just that: “The Republicans just want to go back to what we had before! It didn’t work then, so–”

Wait a sec. Hold your horses. That’s not completely true. What we had prior to 2010 was a healthcare system that was partially free market…but it was also terribly oppressed by the government in some ways.

Example: Government oppression. Conservatives (like Chuck, and others) have long favored allowing consumers to purchase health insurance across state lines. We’ve never been able to do that, and it’s a killer. If Acme Insurance Company has the best plan in the nation with the best pricing and incredible service…but Acme has not jumped through the hoops to play ball with the state regulators in Arizona specifically, then you as an Arizonan cannot buy from Acme. Tough noogies. So you’re stuck with Blue Baboo Company which really stinks by comparison? Too bad!

To help you understand just how horrible this rule is, think about what it would be like if that applied to other items you buy in the course of running your life. In our case, we’d have (just as one example) a nasty refrigerator problem. We live off grid and needed a large, efficient, American made, propane powered refrigerator for the home I’d just built in 2010. We found one that was perfect–but the company did not do business in Arizona. No stores, no dealers, no distributors, nothing, nada, zilch. The fridge was built in Indiana. The closest dealer was in Nevada.

We got it shipped to our home from the dealer in Nevada, but what if we’d been going by current “insurance rules?” No refrigerator for us! No free market. Our food would be rotting and stinking and making us sick, just like Affordable Health Care Act provisions that make you sick when you have to deal with it.

Thus, Chuck Wooten has it right. Repeal Obamacare completely and truly get government out of the way, let the free market do its competitive thing, and we’ll have a healthcare system in America that works and give us plenty of bang for the buck.